All new and completely separate versions of PopCap Games's Bejeweled Blitz and Bejeweled are coming to the App Store today. Unfortunately, this morning presumably marks the last time you'll ever be able to buy Bejeweled 2 + Blitz [$.99], as it has been targeted for a good old-fashioned EA-style yank in light of the release of these two newer, and seemingly much more fleshed out versions of these two games.

The new version of Bejeweled, simply called Bejeweled, will feature retina display support in addition to higher resolution assets. Three game modes -- Classic, Zen, Diamond Mine -- and all the achievements, stats, and scores tracking services we presume a Bejeweled player could possibly care about will also be included in the $.99 package. Oh, and PopCap is promising that the game will "continually evolve with a range of new and exciting features."

The new version of Blitz, unlike the new Bejeweled, will be a free-to-play take on the bite-sized variant of Bejeweled. Retina display support has been confirmed, as well as "full Facebook integration," and a new user-interface. It seems like "coins" will be its in-game currency, which you'll probably be able to buy via IAP.

Pictured: Old Bejeweled.

A lot of Internet savvy people aren't, uh, so happy with this move and we can see the reason why. It certainly has that cold boardroom kind of feel to it. At the same time, these new games don't strike us as any less of the game that Bejeweled 2 + Blitz was. They'll probably be better judging by the features list.

We'll definitely be giving these a look and we'll get back to you. And, by the way, Bejeweled 2 + Blitz is still up on the App Store. If you're an old purchaser, you won't need back up the .IPA file if you ever want to re-sync it to your device -- you'll apparently be able to re-download this at will via your iTunes history.

  • Lakeshore

    Hm. Will Blitz be Facebook-only or also support Game Center? I no longer support Facebook, but I liked the Blitz game variant very much.

  • Galley

    Where the hell is Bejeweled 3?

    • Lewis Pollak

      What Galley said. Bejeweled 3 please. I have had a blast playing it over Splashtop but it can start to bog down pretty badly when things go crazy.

  • Ben Ehlers

    I refuse to buy anything EA-related anymore. They murder joy for profit. 

  • Anonymous

    You should not give false info. The fact that they're yanking it from the App Store says that you should back up, just to be safe. Just because it's available now, doesn't mean that it'll never be removed from the App Store purchases area.

    • Adams Immersive

      What they mean is that Apple has previously said that when an app IS removed from the purchases area, it will STILL be available for re-download if you already own it.

      Backing up is certainly a good habit, of course.

      • Anonymous

        Apple has said that, but I've yet to see it actually work in practice.

  • Anonymous

    I backed up my iCloud just now on my iPad 2 which has Bejeweled 2+Blitz. I will be staying away from the Freemium version but am curious about the all new Bejeweled sans the IAP

  • Scott Messina

    Popcap used to be my favorite developer but I'm REALLY not liked the direction they are headed in after being bought by EA...

    • Will Buckingham

      Anyone who buy's a company's bullshit that "they won't change" after a major corporate acquisition is deluded.  Blizzard sang the same song before the Activision merger, and now they're headed down the same slow road of vanity purchases for real world currency, Diablo III's real-world currency auction house, etc.  The bottom line is, once you've been bought, your ideals don't mean a think before the whims of the board of shareholders you lined yourself up to bend over to.

      • Ben Ehlers

        Unibroue Brewing Company in Quebec was bought out by a major brewing company, but their beer has only gotten better. 

        Sadly this is the only example I can think of. 

  • Luis Jose Checo

    All i care about is Retina Display. Thats the main reason i stopped playing Bejewled 2 + Blitz. I do not mind paying $1 for it and Blitz will be free so, its all good.

  • Bjorn Keizers

    EA can go EFF itself. Rather then update my existing Bejeweled with a much overdue retina update, they yank features and allow us to re-purchase it?

    That's it. I'm done. I'm never buying another EA game - and apparently, no PopCap games either in the future. This utter RAPING business model should not be supported.

  • Omar D. Plumey

    Bejeweled 2 Blitz gone.

  • Zwen

    They removed it and I have yet to update it for os 5.0 support fix. Darn! I hate it that they do this. Can't they just leave it alone in the store?

  • XCool

    This was released in the Canadian market a few days ago for free. 

  • gee

    ohhh great, another EA scam -_-

  • Rene Laurent

    PopCap 🙂

  • Anonymous

    This is such a ****ed up move. The IPA of the old game is not available in the "previous purchases" section of iTunes  (though its supposed to back up everything in the "cloud").  Moreover, even if they wouldn't want to ripoff previous customers by charging money for the new app again, for me I cannot even play Bejeweled 2 anymore now. The new app requires at least a 3rd generation device. The previous app worked fine on my iPod Touch 2nd gen.
    Screw the "cloud", screw Popcap and EA.

  • Anonymous

    I don't mind this so much. The important thing to me is that they continue to support the online connectivity with old Bejeweled game, because comparing scores with others is what has kept me interested in it for so long.

  • Das Santos

    well they certainly dropped a few features like the achievments, but the rare gems are a nice addition.