Big news this afternoon: the simulation gurus over at Kairosoft have announced their next game, and no, it's not that Hot Springs Story On A Boat title we noted a few weeks ago. Instead, it's a city simulation dubbed Venture Towns, and it's expected to hit the US App Store this coming December 15, presumably exclusively for the iPod Touch and iPhone.

We don't know anything about it from a hands-on perspective, but the screens we've seen so far have been telling. More than likely, this will be Oh! Edo Towns [$1.99 / Free] with a modern twist. As you'll see, Venture Towns is rocking stadiums and skyscrapers, and storefronts, vegetation and even planes. Abilities like "IQ" and "Work" stand in, presumably, for "Farming" and "Loyalty."

More telling is the grouping of buildings. Venture Towns has a similar grid-based style just like Oh! Edo Towns, which implies that it'll have similar mechanics. So, prepare to stare at an Excel spreadsheet all afternoon in order to drill down what combinations work best with the kind of workers you have. Yes!

[Thanks, Nick!]

  • Phil Baxter

    Much as I loved the setting I thought Oh! Edo Towns was the weakest Kairosoft effort yet. It just seemed overly slow with little to do.

    I also think it's time they stopped porting very old keitai games and instead made something new.

  • Anonymous

    @kairosoft enough is enough!make something new, you guys started to sound like GLU!

  • Anonymous

    I want to be excited about this but I really didn't care for Edo Towns. Its the only Kairosoft game I didn't play through multiple times (never even finished the first game). I thought it was very shallow and had even less of a "point" than most Kairosoft games. I know your review said "I love ancient Japan so this game is great" but that's not enough for me. This new game looks just like Edo Towns if you just threw modern skins on everything. I hope I'm wrong.

  • TouchGamePlay

    This and GTAIII - Must-own-will-spend-my-last-Money

  • Anonymous

    I have a feeling that Kairosoft is beginning to diverge the games for iOS and Android platform's. I am still waiting for 'Pocket League Story' and 'World Cruise Story' not sure when we will actually get it!!! Where as the next Android line up is the 'Space Adventure Story' which I kinda doubt we will get to see as well =(


      Yah I know it sucks 🙁

    • Cosmo163

      But to be fair we're getting games that they aren't. I think they're just trying to provide something unique for both sides. I think it's great.

  • trundley

    Can we have Pocket League Story on iOS already?

    • Cat Astrophy

      Can we have Game Dev Story 2 on iOS already?

  • Derek Chin

    Edo Towns is my favorite so far.  Looking forward to this one!