Another App Store heavy hitter, The Dark Meadow, is the focus of a big old-fashioned sale. Starting just a while ago Phosphor Games's imaginative, cruel, and dark action game is available at $.99. After consulting with a math wiz, we've confirmed that you'll save some big time money in 'Store if you buy, as the game usually sits at $5.99.

We dug The Dark Meadow when it debuted this year and are equally digging Phosphor Games desire to keep rolling in new content. Since October, the game has seen three updates of varying sizes and intensity, each tightening up and adding to the core game. We'd love to see more, and we're guessing that we probably will in the future.

  • Anonymous

    They've refined the autosave tech from Infinity Blade so it not only bounces you to the start screen if you lock your phone for five minutes and reopen it, it also bounces you back to the start of the whole game so you can talk to that wheelchair guy again 😛