Konami Sale: Soccer And Sneeze

Konami is getting into the Thanksgiving mood, too, though in a less bombastic fashion than most of the “big" publishers currently invested in the App Store. Starting this week, you can grab two of its better titles, Gesundheit and Pro Evolution Soccer 2011, for the generous price of $.99. These two games usually sell at around $1.99 or $2.99, so there’s a decent chunk of change to be saved here if you choose to buy.

Why aren’t more games going on the cheap, you ask? We were pondering the same query until we browsed the publisher’s catalogue this morning. Turns out that the lion’s share of its games are being offered at $.99 nowadays. You can’t really go down from there — unless you want to start competing on the free charts … with games that aren’t ad supported and have a couple or fewer free-to-play hooks.