We've been following the various rumblings of a potential Chrono Trigger iOS release for what must be years now. It all started with a cryptic teaser page over a year ago, and recently we got some additional reassurance that it was still coming. Well, moments ago Square Enix posted some screenshots which serve as the best evidence so far that the port is actually coming. Check 'em out:

According to Squeenix, Chrono Trigger will be released "next month." I'd love to get my hopes up, but I'm cautiously optimistic given the insane number of delays that sprung up before Final Fantasy Tactics [$15.99]. Judging by the screenshots, they've at least learned from their mistakes with FF:T and are rendering all the text differently. (In case you missed it, all of the text in Tactics was horrifyingly blurry per our review.) I can't stress this enough: Cautious optimism is the name of the game here.

  • Anonymous

    Never played it, as I started gaming just as the SNES was dying down. Can't wait to do so now!

    • http://twitter.com/21tigermike Michael A. Robson

      Uh......... This an Zelda LTTP are basically the best Adventure/RPG games ever made. You're in for a treat.

  • http://twitter.com/prryjcksn prryjcksn

    Hopefully we all sing "Never Gonna Give You Up" during the first appearance of Robo. 

  • http://twitter.com/diego1824 Diego Almeida

    Classic!! Can't wait to play it again!! AWESOME!

  • http://bassoonhero.deviantart.com/ Michael Wootton

    While I'm happy to see Chrono Trigger make its way to the app store, there's still a bunch of issues with FFT: WotL for iPhone and still no iPad version. If they're going to be charging so much for their re-releases I'd at least appreciate a solid port and/or dedication to getting the problems ironed out with their previous releases.

    • http://twitter.com/21tigermike Michael A. Robson

      I beat the game, and I'd be surprised if they lift a finger to fix it. They already got my money. Despite my bitching. I was playing it like everyday. The controls are really tricky, but on my 4G iPod touch, it was relatively smooth. Overall, when you hear about Android users playing Angry Birds (still) after all these years... the ability to pick up your iPod touch on a plane and play one of the coolest strat RPGs ever made is just heaven. 

      Yea, I wish they had Retina graphics too. Grrrrrrrrrr

  • Anonymous

    If I wanted this, I'd just buy the DS version (or the PSN version), because the past 2 ports have been buggier than the originals, and more expensive. They also have some missing features, and have no new content or features (FF3 did have slightly improved graphics). This will probably be like $16, when I can get a better version for around $10.

    • http://twitter.com/DiPrismatico Jojo Varnson

      The PSN version has annoying 5+ second loading times before every battle since it's just the PS1 port.

  • David Howe

    I'm with Eli: wait and see. Chrono Trigger repeatedly finds itself near the top in my annual top 10 best-ever lists, but the remakes I've played since its initial launch have been lackluster at best. The text fix Eli points out looks good though...  that's a step in the right direction. My biggest concern though is the control scheme. I am really against virtual pad games, which is likely their only real choice for a game like this. Touch interfaces were just not designed to be played like this...  even with the cool accessories you can get. I always prefer mobile games that were designed out of the gate for the device. 

    That said, if they ever release Earthbound on an iPhone or iPod Touch... I'm sold regardless!

  • http://twitter.com/Inaba_kun Phil Baxter

    Given Square's appalling record of iOS coding, I'll take a wait and see approach this time. They couldn't even get Secret of Mana running smoothly and that game was old school 2D.  

    • http://twitter.com/21tigermike Michael A. Robson

      They actually shipped Mana running chunky on 2011 hardware? Freaking unbelievable.

  • Anonymous

    Ten dollar itunes card says it doesnt get delayed.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_IBS46C22J6F6CZDYL5DHT4JCNY Jason

    Best game ever made! Day one purchase for sure!!! 😀

  • Austin Riddle

    If this version has nothing new, and iPhone runs it rougher than a giant plastic box from the 80's, then I'll pass this like the plague.

    • http://twitter.com/21tigermike Michael A. Robson

      Also, I'm not too inspired by the battle menu set up here. CT provided one of the most elegant and ingenious combo attack fight systems to date (in the mid 90s). I'm looking at the battle menus here and they look kinda.... um... they look like someone just picked up the 'Visual Studio for Dummies' book.

  • http://twitter.com/prakashsv Prakash S. V.

    Their Final Fantasy I port still has hiccups and crashes from time to time, and that game is a quarter century old. You'd like to see them port a game with this sort of gravitas with some love and affection, but you know it's not going to happen. AND THEN it'll be marked up past the $10 mark.

  • http://twitter.com/GavinC343 Gavin Carter

    Played this on two different platforms already so it's hard to get excited.  Where the heck is my Final Fantasy Tactics for ipad??

  • Anonymous

    people should stop buying these lifelines for them and let them just finally die while their name still carries some respect with it.  which they're chipping away at furiously and successfully.

  • http://beyondtap.com koyut

    One thing comes to mind. how do you solve the riddle X.A.B.Y.

  • Micah Peterson

    I'm dreading trying to chase that damn rat in 2300 AD on the virtual touch pad.  I had a hard enough time doing it with a physical controller...

    • http://twitter.com/fr33z33 Herr Vorragend

      Dude I managed it on jailbreak snes4iphone, and that virtual joypad is a far cry from what square introduced with mana. So, I'm positively excited about this one, especially since I stopped playing the emu version as soon as square released FF1 on iOS, cause I have been hoping for a chrono port since... 2 years of waiting 😀

  • http://cmi.myopenid.com/ cmi

    i just wished squenix would call some reasonable price for this. but i guess it will be another "let's see how much this stupid idiots are willing to pay for a port of a 20y old game". i don't ask for 99ct but something like $4-$6. but these squenix prices are just absurd.

    • http://twitter.com/21tigermike Michael A. Robson

      Hehehe... $5 for one the best games the company has ever produced? Not a chance.... Get your credit card ready.... 😉

  • http://twitter.com/HawkEyeTS Will Buckingham

    Good lord that font is hideous against the classic backdrop.  Are Square's artists and programmers really so incompetent that they're unable to reproduce a 20 year old game's TEXT assets in a high enough resolution to not look like garbage while maintaining the original style?  That may sound nit picky, but I've got a perfectly good copy of the game on my DS that doesn't suck, and I'm not nearly as eager to buy the same game for a third time.

    • http://twitter.com/21tigermike Michael A. Robson

      That font looks laughably out of place in the Chrono Trigger universe...

      Hint.. Square.. we're not going for Modern here...It's an RPG. Arial, Helvetica Neue doesn't work at all.

  • Briker Ed

    I've played the original and its many, many incarnations so many times on different systems that I could die happy if I never see the game again. Otherwise, for first buyers, it's a must have!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_5FLRQI2X2LU3IHMCG7HEAEFD5I Cat Astrophy

    Beat this about 4 times through the awesomeness of emulation...hell back on the original iPhone. No bugs (besides what's always been in the game) but you can bet Square will F up the port so bad that you'll wish you had embraced emulating classic games.