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‘Chrono Trigger’ is Headed to the App Store Next Month

We’ve been following the various rumblings of a potential Chrono Trigger iOS release for what must be years now. It all started with a cryptic teaser page over a year ago, and recently we got some additional reassurance that it was still coming. Well, moments ago Square Enix posted some screenshots which serve as the best evidence so far that the port is actually coming. Check ’em out:

According to Squeenix, Chrono Trigger will be released “next month." I’d love to get my hopes up, but I’m cautiously optimistic given the insane number of delays that sprung up before Final Fantasy Tactics [$15.99]. Judging by the screenshots, they’ve at least learned from their mistakes with FF:T and are rendering all the text differently. (In case you missed it, all of the text in Tactics was horrifyingly blurry per our review.) I can’t stress this enough: Cautious optimism is the name of the game here.