We've been asked a couple of times about what's up with the iOS version of Super Crate Box. It's been in the oven for awhile and people are starting to wonder if it's going to come out or not. Good news: it's still a thing Vlambeer plans to release.

Convienently, a new post on Vlambeer's official blog is giving us all a glance behind the curtain. The studio is currently continuing work on Super Crate Box's controls, and while the overall project is taking "longer than expected," Vlambeer believes it'll make it out of the door by the end of this year. It also admitted that this version is harder to get into, but people are putting up high enough scores for that to not be a concern.

In other Vlambeer iOS-related news, Ridiculous Fishing is still happening, too. In the same blog post, the studio notes that the focus "is on getting everything nice for IGF," while adding that it has been "ridding the design of useless junk." To Vlambeer, it seems as if "everything is falling in place" with the project.

So, there you go. Super Crate Box is still coming and, hey, it'll be better for its long-ish cycle. As an aside here, Vlambeer just released its Serious Sam project, Serious Sam: The Random Encounter, on PC and I'd imagine that took some time away from its iOS projects.

  • Chris Aanerud

    Very excited about this. I hope it comes out this month.

  • Anonymous

    I'm _terrible_ at SCB, and still... I can't wait!