Rovio Mobile is setting its phasers to "tease" this week. After the release of a Halloween-themed video suggesting a new bird or something would be coming to Angry Birds Seasons [$.99 / FreeHD], it has released an equally suggestive image of what looks to be a new bird on its Facebook page. "The Angry Birds have a big surprise for you," the photo posting exclaims, somehow. "Can you guess what it is," it asks, just before it also tasks users with sharing the photo with their friends in order to unlock more hints.

Yes, this is the picture. It's really big.

It's not just us who think a new bird is on the way -- the posting is brimming with fans who agree that a new character is coming. But before we jump off speculation cliff with our safe bet, we should note that it's totally possible a new enemy-type or pig could happen, too, in any iteration of the stupid-popular game. Sure, it's unlikely considering the Halloween tease, but hey, crazier things have happened. Like the self-flushing toilet. Who saw that coming? The answer is no-one, I think. Except the dude who invented it. Good dude, I bet. Probably a little messy.

Anyway, one of the Earth's most popular franchises might be receiving a new character. I'm guessing you're already grumbling in the comments column, but as an FYI here: a lot of people really care about this stuff and it's not like Angry Birds is a bad game. It's pretty fun.

[Via App Advice, Pocket Gamer]

  • Christian Holland

    Everytime you mention Angry Birds God Kills a Kitten. 😉

  • Anonymous

    Awesome!  Can't wait!

    ....yeah, yeah, I know it's not cool to like stuff after it gets popular but, I liked angry birds a year ago and I still like them. Can't help it. 🙂

  • Austin O'Halloran

    om nom, from cut the rope at the end

  • Adams Immersive

    I think it’s just a new mustache for the existing birds.

    • Christian Holland

      For Movember perhaps?

  • Anonymous

    Best news ever! Because ios is in such dire need of adorable physics games.

  • Bill Goodman

    A few months back they did ask via a Facebook status update as to what kind of new bird would you like to see. A day or so later they responded by saying thank's for the input...blah blah blah.....and mention a hummingbird and a chicken among about 3 or 4 others.

  • Radek Smektala

    Is there a bird typing numbers into a computer down there?

  • Anonymous
  • chris c

    i do not really enjoy angry birds.  i do like simple games like it tho.. iv been play early bird right now.. some may say its a rip off of angry birds, which i do not think is very valid... at any rate,,one thing about agry birds that always entertains me.. there video trailers.. the animation is always so good.. and its just cute.. id like to see a 24 min episode.. hell id even pay cash to watch such a video no need for human voices, let there body language do the talking so you could save some cash not needing voice actors.  ..  i did watch the movie rio.. not sure how angry birds got tied into that.. cause i find these short trailers way more entertaining that that movie was.

    also if i had to add another wing creature to there cast.. i would add a road runner.. MEEP BEEP. 😀 

  • Anonymous

    Angry birds was fun for the first two months, but now it's boring and I don't play it anymore.

    They need to make major changes so then it's fun again.

  • Anonymous

    Love me some Angry Birds, but I'm refusing to play any more until they get their rumored sync system online.  Too many devices to play this on, and I'm sick of restarting on each one.

  • Anonymous

    Well, I know this Japan themed one is on the way.  I wonder if this pic has anything to do with that.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry. Double post.

  • Scott Williams

    Please give us new version of AB without the stupid ads!