Is There A New Angry Bird On Its Way?

Rovio Mobile is setting its phasers to “tease" this week. After the release of a Halloween-themed video suggesting a new bird or something would be coming to Angry Birds Seasons [$.99 / FreeHD], it has released an equally suggestive image of what looks to be a new bird on its Facebook page. “The Angry Birds have a big surprise for you," the photo posting exclaims, somehow. “Can you guess what it is," it asks, just before it also tasks users with sharing the photo with their friends in order to unlock more hints.

Yes, this is the picture. It’s really big.

It’s not just us who think a new bird is on the way — the posting is brimming with fans who agree that a new character is coming. But before we jump off speculation cliff with our safe bet, we should note that it’s totally possible a new enemy-type or pig could happen, too, in any iteration of the stupid-popular game. Sure, it’s unlikely considering the Halloween tease, but hey, crazier things have happened. Like the self-flushing toilet. Who saw that coming? The answer is no-one, I think. Except the dude who invented it. Good dude, I bet. Probably a little messy.

Anyway, one of the Earth’s most popular franchises might be receiving a new character. I’m guessing you’re already grumbling in the comments column, but as an FYI here: a lot of people really care about this stuff and it’s not like Angry Birds is a bad game. It’s pretty fun.

[Via App Advice, Pocket Gamer]