It’s a big day for Dead Rising fans. The mobile version of Dead Rising, aptly named Dead Rising Mobile [$.99], has just received a generous price cut and a surprising update. Starting now, you can grab the game at $.99 instead of its usual $1.99 and use Homeland Security “rookie agent” Jessica McCarney in place of Frank West. McCarney, if you’re unaware, made a brief appearance in the game. Judging from her sudden inclusion, it seems like she was a hit. Darned if we can figure out why.

In other Dead Rising news, Capcom has just released Dead Rising 2 Off the Record on store shelves for consoles and PC. This sale, and presumably update, are promotional tools to draw all our eyes towards the big screen $39.99 release.

In still other-other news, Capcom has partnered up with Sprint and slashed the price of Street Fighter 2 Collection to $.99. SF2 Collection features three Street Fighter 2 games: The World Warrior, Champion Edition, and Hyper Fighting.

It goes without saying, but if you’ve the slightest interest in old-school SF, this is probably something you’ll want to jump on. Sale ends on the 19th.

  • Anonymous

    Can anyone here honestly recommend Dear Rising for iOS?  I'm REALLY tempted to pick it up for a buck but I heard a lot of bad things when the game was released.  I believe the game was patched and most of the problems were fixed; is this correct?

  • Crawford

    just got an iphone a couple of months back but gotten any street fighters. how are the controls?

  • TheRealWallyrus

    Do NOT download Dead RisIng Mobile expecting It to be like the console versions, it is nowhere near as playable.