Another mini-cabinet peripheral for the iPad is coming, and the studio responsible for some of the sickest arcade games in the universe is behind the wheel of the project. Earlier this week, Taito unveiled a short promotional video for the InvaderCade. It’s basically the iCade, except with seven less buttons, a charging dock, and branded Space Invaders arcade machine art. Who knew there was room for two of these peripherals, no less three, eh?

To get a tad bit more specific, the InvaderCade sports a ball-top joystick and a singular button. It’s a bulky 25 x 23 x 25 cm and requires external power, but it boasts a charging dock, speakers, and a headphone jack —- three features the iCade doesn’t have. For those of you keeping score, the Atari arcade peripheral has a total of four buttons, no external power, and, somehow, manages to look way sillier than its competition.

Game Set Watch notes that this isn’t slated for the West just yet, but it hits in Japan in a matter of weeks -- October 11th is the target release date and it’ll cost around $200. I hope it comes with a few games and a backscratcher at that price.

[Via TUAW, Game Set Watch]

  • Kaydiv

    So in other words:

    * $100 more than the iCade
    * Has less functionality
    * Has no compatible games announced for it yet (besides presumably space invaders)

    And Taito thinks people will choose this over the other peripherals... why?

    • Anonymous

      I agree that this is lame in comparison, but technically speaking it has fewer buttons, but more features. Built in speakers, dock connector for charging and a headphone jack. I'd really like it if the iCade at least added speakers and a docking connector (on cord so you can still use it landscape). That would make it extra awesome. Perhaps in a revision?

  • Ryan Olsen

    The name is awesome. I want to buy a new pet and name it iNVADERCADE. Caps lock is also a must. 

  • Daft Eng

    There go my hopes of space invaders on the iCade.
    It's too little, too late for the invadercade.

    • Anonymous

      It'd be cheaper to buy a developer account and build your own iMAME4All for the iCade.

  • DotComCTO

    "Who knew there was room for two of these peripherals, no less three, eh?" The answer is that there isn't. This is taking a relatively small market and splintering it further. The only way this works out is if some standard is set around the hardware controls/signals. This would allow developers to implement code once and have any number of these peripherals work without any other changes.

  • Macaroon

    I like the idea of these mini arcade machines, but none of them boast nearly enough compatible games for it to be even remotely worth it, imo.

    • Robotron

      iCade support is pretty good actually. It's mostly indie devs, but still good.

      And if you JB, there's iMAME4all, which is pretty fantastic.

      • Macaroon

        Not really into the whole JB scene. Granted, even without JB, the iCade does have the most potential of the bunch it would seem, not being tied to only one developer's games, but it still could do with an injection of gaming goodness for it to be worth it, imo.

  • Danny Perski

    Makes me want an iCade more, since devs actually support it. 

  • BJ Wanlund

    I guess there's not a snowball's chance of a Taito Legends iOS app with some of Taito's other arcade classics being bundled with this?

  • Adam of Troy

    Wonder if this (or the Atari product) hard connects with control input through its charge station? As much as I love Bluetooth I've yet to see its latency issues tackled. Until
    that happens I'd give an I-tooth to see a latency free controller connected
    through the charge dock (with maybe a through-put for more controllers or a charge cord and T.V. out).

    What do you guys think?

  • Adam of Troy

    Wonder if this or the Atari product hard connect game input through
    their charge stations? As much as I love Bluetooth I've yet to see
    anyone be able to successfully tackle IOs's Bluetooth latency, until that happens I'd give an I-tooth to see a good controller that connected through the charge dock (with maybe a through put for more controllers and a charge cord).

    What do you guys think?

    • Robotron

      I own an iCade. It has no latency issues.


    not enough games for the iCade...are you serious? If you have iMame4all you have a few thousand! Street Fighter...Gunsmoke....Ninja Gaiden...Double Dragon....and these are the bad examples!

  • Robotron

    Taito is crazy. $200? One button? Hell no.

    iCade is way better. And if you JB, you have the MAME emulator!

  • GCBoi

    Taito was the king of Table Tops (in Australia at least). Why didn't they go a mini TT???

  • Joshnsuch

    I don't really want any of these things.. It would be cool for novelty for a while.. But I have no motivation to get one. Ever.

  • Anonymous

    This is a really, really stupid idea.

  • Anon

    Asphalt 6 is Free! 

  • Anonymous

    Wait, but I was told the concept of an accessory for an iOS game was super confusing and totally unrealistic. This could never happen; I mean where would you even buy it, a store or something?

    (Come on Sega, it's not too late to save Brick People!)

  • Slamraman

    oh well, Space Inversion will for now. My wife'll go mental if I have to buy any more of these cabinets. Jeff Minter's games are going iCade so you probably won't need an another cabinet for a few years.

  • Anonymous

    Never mind all that - the video shows it running Arkanoid DS, so it must have a built-in DS emulator! Bargain!

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  • Montgomery

    The icade has space in the holder to thread your charging cable thru the bottom. Of course this only works in portrait style, but it does give you an option to play docked to a power source for your ipad.