Crescent Moon GamesPocket RPG [$.99 / UHD] for the iPad, a device that could only fit in the pocket of a JNCO brand pant, has gone Universal. Naturally, if you’ve spent the cheese on this specific version, the Universal-ness will come to you free of charge. The same goes for new purchasers, too, and  now don’t you feel better about waiting it out now, mister smarty-pants? In related news, a similar update is live for Ambrosia Software’s puzzler, Hypnoblocks [$1.99], but a one-dollar price hike accompanies it.

This update for Pocket RPG also rolls in a pretty important fix and a tweak. According to Crescent Moon, the game now loads faster in its post-update state. Also, the studio has fixed an endless dungeon -- a fix that I imagine several of you are pretty happy about.

In Hypnoblocks’ patch notes, Ambrosia notes that numerous tweaks and fixes have been added in its Universal update. This update also rolls in multiple language support and some new Game Center achievements to nab.

Pocket RPG got off to a pretty rough start, but we were able to enjoy the game after all the rubble was cleared. Hypnoblocks was awesome from day one.

  • Meh

    "Pocket RPG" is one of the few iOS apps that I regret purchasing.  The controls are sub par, the gameplay is pretty boring, and it isn't really an RPG at all.  I gave it a few hours, but it just got worse as time went on.  

  • Anonymous

    Of course they make it universal after I buy both versions, bastards. I guess that's another developer I won't buy from.

    • Anonymous

      Indeed,  what was it? two weeks after the iPhone version? i'm not gonna complain too much as total cost to me is about £2.50, under my limit for double dipping, but still, kinda shady. They obviously had it planned from the start.

  • Steve

    Hi guys... first off we are really sorry that you feel this way about the Universal release. It was never our intention to mislead anyone and we did make as many announcements on the thread that we could and on Twitter.  Our only intension was to bring extra value to the people who already purchased the iPad version and to keep the costs lower for those without iPads.  We had hoped to release the iPad Universal at the same time as the iPhone version but it just did not happen.  Sorry again for the misunderstanding...

    Steve (Director Tasty Poison Games)