‘Tiny Tower’ Adds More Sharing Options, More Floors, And More Fixes In Update

Nimblebit’s Tiny Tower [Free] [Universal] has been update, roughly, a billion times since our original review and we haven’t covered them all, but the latest strikes us as special. Starting now, you can share those hours you’ve spent meticulously upgrading your tower on the world wide web via an option from the game’s main menu. This seems like a sure-fire way to make mom and dad, sister or brother, or even loved one proud, if you ask us. Neat!

Additionally, this latest update adds new floors, new costumes, new settings for audio, and rolls in a staggering amount of crucial bugs, including ghost-painting and a crash bug that triggered when you viewed certain neighbors. The entire list of fixes, if you’re really into this sort of thing, is available right here.

Despite its free-to-play model, Tiny Tower has managed to wiggle its way into our hearts. I think a big part of that reason is the fact that its balanced non-aggressively and isn’t what I would dub “pushy” about taking your hard-earned coin. Give our review a read if you’ve not bothered with the tower simulation game quite yet.