I've long been a fan of Jeff Minter's unique take on game design, and his iOS releases are in my list of best games to be found in the App Store. His titles all drip definite old school appeal, and so I was extremely pleased to see his recent tweet indicating that he has worked iCade support into all of the iOS titles where it makes sense.

Jeff has posted a lengthy video demonstrating iCade gameplay in his imminent upcoming title GoatUp, as well as Minotuar Rescue [App Store] and Minotron: 2112 [App Store].

All titles mentioned should be getting an update soon that includes the demonstrated iCade support and GoatUp should arrive any day now. We'll be bringing an in-depth look at the latest title when it lands.

  • Ozskip

    Great news, but still a bit disappointed the previous releases didn't get proper Toucharcade reviews.

    • http://toucharcade.com blakespot

      ... I think we've done pretty good coverage of Jeff's titles. You disagree?

      It started here:

      And there's the three hands-on previews, which are really reviews posted just prior to release:

      All told: 

      I got some criticism for covering his iOS stuff too closely on occasion, in fact. Your comment surprises me. -shrug-

      • MarcG

        I think it's more you've said a review will follow in each preview and then one hasn't.

        Jeff has a loyal fan base that desperately want the games to do well so that he'll be able to afford to keep doing more and the general feeling is previews before the game are available don't do as much for sales as a review when you can actually buy them would.

        However I agree your coverage has been great for Llamasoft and the iCade news is very welcome!

      • http://toucharcade.com blakespot

        Ah. I am trying to get better about not promising follow-up reviews. Minter's games I looked at with such depth that I just posted an "it's out" pointing to my (p)review. I am getting better about such things.

        They are in-depth previews and are, in the case of the Llamasoft games, reviews.

        I did post an "it's out" for each, though, to get the game link to readers. 

        I have been playing GoatUp for a week and it's tied with Jetpack Joyride for my current fave iOS game. I will post that review when it lands, as I did a light preview before. 

      • MarcG

        Tied with Jetpac Joyride?! High praise indeed. Jetpack is just so addictive....

        Can't wait.

    • Anonymous

      I can't believe you're criticising TA for not covering this guy enough...

      • PVBuk

        We're not saying they don't cover Llamasoft releases enough. They do and we thank them for it.
        As MarcG says, their previews say a full review is to follow and then doesn't.
        If the preview is supposed to be classed as the review and that no more 'reviews' will follow, then why not just say so? :-]

      • http://toucharcade.com blakespot

        Fair point. 

      • Ozskip

        That's all I was getting at. I think the TA coverage by Blake is more than awesome. But the missing anticipated
        full reviews and subsequent lack of inclusion in the end of month wrap ups was a bit puzzling.

        I reckon the 'previews' pretty much almost serve as reviews anyway, just with a lack of final score.

  • Anonymous

    When will Capcom and Sega get the memo?  Almost all of their iOS releases would be greatly enhanced by iCade and iControlPad support.

    • MarcG

      Jeff's comments suggests at most 30 minutes per game to add support, and the price of an iCade to test on.

      Shouldn't be a stretch for Sega/Capcom.

      However it probably means a handful of extra sales, so they just won't care.

      • MrFouSix

        And thats why they have low sales, not caring about your customers is bad but customers who know for a fact you dont care about them is worst, after all who buys said games?

  • Anonymous

    I had been holding out on the iCade but yesterday I walked into Best Buy and saw it all setup yesterday. I couldn't resist and bought it right then and there, just wish they also had a Fling Mini to enhance my JoyPad gaming too.

    Touch Arcades (and the forum listings) coverage of iCade compatible titles and pledged upcoming support was probably the deal sealer for my purchase.

    Keep up the great coverage TA.

    • Anonymous

      That is excellent news that they are selling these things in Best Buy with demo setups. I wouldn't be surprised if the iCade helps sell iPads themselves!

  • Anonymous

    And this is why we love Jeff! I need to get me an iCade soon..

  • Nathan
  • Evan

    iCade at Best Buy? That's awesome. I hope they sell a lot and bring the price down.

  • Anonymous

    Dammit, Capcom. I wanna play Final Fight and Street Fighter 2 with my iCade! Without having to jailbreak and use iMame4all(as good as that is).

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