Musical game-like apps have had a great life on the App Store. Smule seemingly launched the genre of musical toys with Ocarina [99¢] (if my memory serves me correctly) and later expanded out to fully licensed titles like Glee Karaoke [99¢] and I Am T-Pain [99¢]. Songify [Free] was one of the next major musical crazes to hit, which made the auto tuning process found in I Am T-Pain even easier. Tonight, Harmonix, creators of Dance Central and Rock Band up the ante even further with VidRhythm [$1.99].

In VidRhythm, you can quickly and easily create video remixes of a series of videos you shoot to have a product that's vaguely similar to some of the incredibly in-depth video remixes found on YouTube. The process couldn't be more simple. You shoot a small handful of clips, the app suggests what you should try to make one sound like, and then it auto-magically makes a video like this:

There's a number of different themes you can use, and exporting then uploading the videos to YouTube, Facebook, and/or your camera roll couldn't be simpler. I'm amazed at both how easy this whole thing is and how well it works. I mean really, it can take the weird sounds my dog makes and turn it into a coherent musical video. That's pretty awesome. I can only imagine what people will start creating once people with actual musical talent grab hold of the app.

Seriously, if you've had fun with these weird musical game-y apps in the past, you need VidRhythm. I've been having a blast with it. Also, if you like my weird dog videos, you'll love my dog's Facebook page.

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  • bones boy

    You have the cutest dog EVER!!! He looks like a riot!

  • Will Irace

    Here's tonight's GOP debate, VidRhythm style. I've been a fan of this studio since 2003's Amplitude.

  • Anonymous

    Hmm... Ipad 2 only (no Ipad original listed).

    • Anonymous

      Perhaps it requires the ability to shoot video? It would make sense for it to allow you to load videos onto your device, though, instead of just shoot them directly, but perhaps it doesn't. I don't know for sure as I don't have it yet. I have an iPad 2, but wouldn't really care to shoot videos with it. I'd prefer to shoot them with my still camera or my iPhone, then load them onto the iPad and create the video there.

  • Anonymous

    Looks pretty cool. I'll give it a try.

  • Me

    and earlyer and more stylish implimentation of this idea... and cheaper!

    • Anonymous

      Nowhere near the same, aside from using vox samples. It's the intelligent sequencing to the song and video templates that makes the difference. It's more like emergent results than specifically creative results. I couldn't do this... ...on that.

  • SmashD

    Instant buy 😀

  • David Nguyen

    By far the best app in the genre i've ever downloaded. Other companies will include like 4  or 5 beats in them and charge you a buck for the rest but this one gives you over 10 samples to choose from!

  • Anonymous

    I must say, your dog is pretty darn cute.

VidRhythm Reviewed by Eli Hodapp on . Rating: 4