1112 Episode 3 [$4.99/HD] is the latest addition to the graphical mystery adventure game series from Agharta Studio. It's also the best of this ongoing series, as it delivers more: More game-play, more puzzles, more characters, more locations and a whole lot more mystery.

We first meet the games protagonist, Louis Everett the antiques dealer, in Episode 1 [$4.99/Lite/HD]. Louis bears a striking resemblance to Johnny Depp, but he's having bad dreams, marital issues and work stresses. As you help him complete his daily tasks, it becomes apparent that something weird and mysterious is going on. There's a gap in his memory which Louis can't explain, and the number '1112' seems to keep recurring in his life. This game is about solving that mystery, but don't expect a final outcome yet, as each episode concludes with a cliff-hanger ending, to entice you into the next release.

After a long wait, Episode 2 [$4.99/HD] was released in 2010. It resumed the same storyline and continued in a similar fashion, but with a few more characters, locations, and puzzles, including the addition of three suduko puzzles as mini-games, which sent some players off to find online sudoku solvers.

Episode 3 opens with a brief recap of the first two episodes, which is a useful reminder if you played it years ago, but wouldn't really enlighten a newcomer about the storyline and atmosphere of this game. You could easily play this series starting with Episode 3, but that would be like starting with the third Harry Potter book. If you want the full experience, we recommend starting at the beginning.

Episode 3 features the same high-quality graphics and music that we've come to expect. Each object in your inventory is presented as a 3D rendering, which you can rotate or zoom with your fingers to examine more closely.  Like any graphical adventure game, the goal is to find, use, give and combine objects to solve problems and progress the storyline.

You also need to converse with various characters, for clues or to reveal the next objective. This involves tapping on any green words in their (unspoken) subtitles to collect "conversation starters". Alternatively, you can use a keyboard interface to enter certain words manually, such as answering riddles, or just try entering "1112" to see what various characters think of the games mysterous title.

Prior to release, we were told Episode 3 would contain a longer campaign than the first two episodes combined; and that has eventuated. It's considerably longer and more involved and could easily take 10+ hours to complete. Despite the longer storyline, the English translations are much improved this time around.

One of the main changes from earlier episodes is that specific objectives are now listed and ticked off once accomplished, which prevents players from getting lost within the longer plot and larger game-world. Fourteen Game Center achievements have also been added and are listed without descriptions, to avoid spoilers.

This game will be a challenge for most people to complete without some assistance. There's a lot of returning to previous places and people, even though you may think you've already covered them off, which requires patience. But don't fret, as there's plenty of hints from the developer in our forums, plus step-by-step walk-thrus for each episode are easily located via Google, so you won't get stuck for long.

If you're not ready to purchase this game, consider checking out the lite version of the first episode, as 1112 is easily one of the better quality adventure games on the App Store. This series is getting better, but since it takes the small development team at least a year to produce an episode, this intriguing mystery may not be resolved for a few more years; but we'll be waiting.

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  • Nightshift Nurse

    Glad to hear the English translation has been tightened up.  I'm playing through episode 1 right now and the stiff (and often weird) translation is pretty jarring.  Even so, 1112 is easily the best contemporary point-and-click adventure since Broken Sword and ranks among the best I've played from any era.

    I'm hoping the Vita will see ports (or a collection) of these titles with a spruced up translation at some point.

  • Peter Hirschberg

    Wait - that house is totally the same house from the movie "Tideland".

    • Alex Agharta

      You're the first to notice the reference , bravo ^^

  • http://www.facebook.com/tracemcjoy John McCoy

    Maybe I'm the only one for whom this is true, but the wonky translation in these games is a good part of their charm. They're supposed to be set in New Jersey but they're a sort of crazy European fantasy of what suburban America is like.

    • http://www.facebook.com/YaelleGlenn Yaelle Glenn

      OMG I LOVE the accents that I'm hearing in my mind as I read the dialogue.  I have absolutely no problem with it & never have since the beginning!  It sort of adds a little flair to it.  I've never come across any sort of issue where I couldnt complete some task just because a verb was conjugated incorrectly or something! 

  • Ilanm

    It took Agharta a year to develop this episode and it shows. The art design of the series is among the best seen in the app store and has a unique touch.
    This episode is much better than their previous efforts all around, especially
    in terms of length, puzzle design, and dialogues including a better English translation.
    It is an amazing echeivement considering their developing team consist of only three
    people. Now, some people have posted negative comments regarding the time it
    took them to develop each episode saying it was too long but as we can see the longer the developing time is, the better the results are.
    I'm in the middle of the game and I'm enjoying it very much meanwhile.
    I can easily recommend it to anyone. Congratulation to Agharta for succeeding in
    pulling off this episode. I'm looking farword for the next episode, and I certainly don't mind how much time it will take as long as the high quality of the series is preserved.
    Thank you Agharta and keep up the good work !

    (By the way I'm not a native English speaker so I apologize for any spelling or
    grammatical errors that may have slipped into the text).

  • Anonymous

    I finished EP 03 without assistance and I can't and don't want do decide which episode is better. They all have their highs and very very little lows, if any. All episodes belong together and should be seen as a whole game.
    I love this game so much that I even made it a gift to many friends. Unfortunately you have to have some brains for this kind of game so some of the less bright people already get stuck in EP 01 with finding the code for the safe xD
    I also replayed the first episodes again on my iPad and it was again very rewarding to play because after EP 03 you see some dialogues in EP 01 and 02 slightly different.
    I hope Agharta keeps up the good work and brings us a stunning new 1112 Episode 04 next year.
    For me this is the most motivating game and best gaming experience on the iPhone / iPad so far and I played a whole lot of games.

    I also ask myself 3 things:
    1.) will there be a port for other smartphones or consoles?
    2.) what will come after 1112 is finished? I hope a new kind of adventure or story telling kind of genre. Althoug 1112 Kart would be funny xD
    3.) will there be a Rogue Planet HD or Rogue Planet II?

    • Alex Agharta

      thanks for you heartwarming opinion^^

      The argharta name, came from a paper and pen RPG i played while younger called "nephilim" it's the name for the occult center of the world (and sounded cool for a brand new game studio name)
      as for your questions :
      1 : No unfortunatly the android market is too fragmented (Devices, processors, screen size etc) and 1112 is quite a complex game to port on a fragmented market 

      as for the windows mobile who beneficit a standard base device looks more appealing in a dev point of view ,but still will took a long time to port when we have already a huge market at hands with Ios platforms and our technology is already fast and working on  all Ios devices, so we won't loose time adapting the game to new platform and delivers new game more efficiently.

      2; We plan to male some side casual game to boost cash to make the others episode to stay in the safe side of devellopement, and once all episode will be done, we'll see where's the market at , but I already have other great scripts in mind just in case ^^

      3 = It all depends if Rogue Planet will stay "gameloft" or not.

      • http://www.facebook.com/YaelleGlenn Yaelle Glenn

        I was pleasantly surprised to find this latest episode in the Mac App Store!  So while I have the other ones on my iClon- uh, er...iPhone, I have the newest one on iPhone.  
        By the way, if you ever need to borrow $20 and it will help speed up the next release...you got my name lol.  I do NOT have this much patience!!

  • Babylandlord

    I love this game, and I even bought Rogue Planet just to support the studio (hopefully they see some money for those gameloft sales). I am still in the middle of episode 2 but as soon as I finish I will be picking this one up! Bravo to Alex and co!

    p.s. I have noticed one or two spelling mistakes in ep1 and ep2 but I think the translation has been done quite well!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001084516094 Kun Adr

    Most people might actually not know this, 1112 is a direct remake of a windows mobile game called Fade which was released back in 2002. Most of the plots and characters in 1112 remained the same to the original Fade game, which however is not necessary a bad thing because 1112 is awesome.

  • Anonymous

    Gorgeous graphics, the Johnny Depp lookalike eye candy and good gameplay, makes it worth getting

    • http://www.facebook.com/YaelleGlenn Yaelle Glenn

      OMG I cant believe you said that.  Not a full minute ago I just finished telling someone that the game is great eye candy & the main character is a Jonny Depp clone lolllll.  
      I'm not gonna be that guy (ok, gal) who asks for help in random places so I will NOT say anything about how I cant get a second picture together to save my life 😀

  • http://www.facebook.com/YaelleGlenn Yaelle Glenn

    thats pretty cool that you bought Rogue Planet to support them.  I remember when they were having the money issues & needed to get that out there....On the one hand it was amazingly devoted of them.  On the other hand, maybe I'm just fooling myself into thinking they wanted to make money to keep this going & finish what they started, maybe the 2 had absolutely nothing to do with each other lol.  
    What system is Rogue Planet for??  Sounds X boxxy.  My ex-husband got the Xbox in the divorce though...tmi  lolz

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  • Anonymous
  • Yaelle G

    It has been a few years & I have completely & utterly forgotten what ended up happening. I did a little web search, ended up here where it turns out I had commented 2 years ago!
    just want to know, if anyone ever sees this, if they wrapped up the series or ....? Was there an episode 4? I did not see one. That would be so awful if they just never finished it. But I do not know, nor do I remember if episode 3 completed the storyline.

1112 episode 03 Reviewed by Troy Woodfield on . Rating: 4.5