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‘1112 – Episode 3’ Coming Soon, August 23rd, to Be Specific

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The third episode of Agharta Studios’ conceptually brilliant and artistically inspired adventure game series, 1112, has been submitted to Apple and if all goes as planned it should be available on the App Store this coming Tuesday the 23rd. Regardless, it’s out the door and essentially finished after a year or so in development, which is an incredible about of time for a touch game.

Agharta sends word that this episode, naturally, introduces new characters and locations to explore. More importantly, it features several fresh multi-touch “experiences” or puzzles, as well as an intense soundtrack. To get a taste of the latter, just watch this:

We’re also being told that Episode 3 features a longer campaign than the initial two episodes combined. Does that make up for the wait? I don’t know, but we’ll definitely be diving in as soon as we possibly can. Man, that trailer was awesome.

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