A couple of weeks ago, we highlighted a new update for id Software’s Rage [Free] and Rage HD [Free] that added several welcome new features, like a melee move, a virtual analog stick, and HDMI TV-Out support. We also mentioned that id was running a campaign on their Facebook page that if they received 100,000 “Likes” then both versions of the Rage game would go free for a week.

Today, they finally hit that mark, which is amazing to me considering that I can count the number of people that like me on one hand. As promised, both Rage and Rage HD have dropped to free for the next week. If you haven’t yet picked up the game, then now is your chance to grab it gratis. Assuming you have the nearly 800 mb of free space that the HD version takes up, of course. Also, be sure to check out our original review of Rage if you need some help deciding if this free download is worth the bandwidth.

  • Cloud Chaser

    I even voted and shared it with my friends but not available in Asian countres... -_-

    • Cloud Chaser

      Nevermind. I made a US account. lol

  • Cowboysfreetyme

    You must have hundreds of fingers on that one hand seeing as everyone loves the bearded one.

  • guest

    What's the diff between HD ver and non HD as both are universal? The former being better on ipad?

    • http://twitter.com/JaredTA Jared Nelson

      The only difference is that the HD has high res assets, so Retina Display and iPad resolution graphics. The standard version doesn't, but is also half the size. If you can afford the space and have a retina device or an iPad, get the HD version.

      • guest

        I see. tq

      • SickBoy

        You sure about that? Everything I've read states that the primary difference is in which OpenGL version it is using, meaning the HD version can have dynamic shadows, etc. (also meaning only 3rd+ gen devices can benefit from it). While retina display helps, this particular version of "HD" isn't just retina-driven. Essentially: if you have the space (and a 3rd+ gen device), HD is the way to go.

        Of course, that's just from what I've read. I haven't compared them side-by-side personally.

  • Anonymous

    Whoa. Get it everybody!

  • Aviatora

    Wow, too bad the game was never released in most countries. Useless id.
    Thankfully I have an american account for just this type of situation 😀

  • Guest

    Not available in New Zealand App Store. It's a shame that Apple creates these artificial barriers between countries, presumably for marketing reasons. The internet is a global resource, so stop carving it up. 

  • http://twitter.com/teknikal69 P Allen

    Very good game but only if you have quite a lot of free space I'm lucky enough to be on a 64gb and I've kept this on it since it launched. I don't think the price was very high even then.
    The space it takes up for the amount of gameplay isn't very balanced I still like it a lot though, great graphics and shooting mutants what's not to love.

    • spidey

       how do u create an account for a different country? Don't you need credit card details of that country to do that?

  • Skye629

    Teehee waiting pays off

  • Vimy

    thank you john carmack and id

    i had already paid for the regular, 3gs and less version and now i got the hd-ipad2 one for free

    mind you, the 3gs version was beautiful, looking forward to see the difference


    800 mb no thank you

  • http://players.openfeint.com OFErOne (Erwin Ocampo)

    Man...I wish I waited until this game went free.....I could have bought one of those big drinks from Starbucks  🙂