Five… No, SIX Alarm Freebie Alert – ‘Rage’ and ‘Rage HD’ Free for the Next Week

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A couple of weeks ago, we highlighted a new update for id Software’s Rage [Free] and Rage HD [Free] that added several welcome new features, like a melee move, a virtual analog stick, and HDMI TV-Out support. We also mentioned that id was running a campaign on their Facebook page that if they received 100,000 “Likes” then both versions of the Rage game would go free for a week.

Today, they finally hit that mark, which is amazing to me considering that I can count the number of people that like me on one hand. As promised, both Rage and Rage HD have dropped to free for the next week. If you haven’t yet picked up the game, then now is your chance to grab it gratis. Assuming you have the nearly 800 mb of free space that the HD version takes up, of course. Also, be sure to check out our original review of Rage if you need some help deciding if this free download is worth the bandwidth.

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