We've been following the activity of gaming legend Graeme Devine's GRL Games since he left Apple and decided to start his own studio. A chat at GDC later revealed that the motivation for his departure from the company had a whole new layer of awesome to it: He just wanted to make games with his daughter. Since then they've released Full Deck Solitaire [Free] as well as Full Deck Poker Solitaire [$1.99 / Free].

Tomorrow, the Full Deck family of card games will get its third entry: Full Deck Hold'Em. We've had our hands on an early copy of the game, and aside from being an all-around awesome iPad-powered poker experience, the iPad 2 video chat functionality is just awesome. You can see a glimpse of how it works in the following video:

We'll have a full review of the game when it's released tomorrow night, but in the meantime, I hope the video chat implementation in Full Deck Hold'Em spurs similar integration in other online games. It makes playing with friends so much more fun, compared to say, just taking your turn in Words With Friends where there's little to no interaction beyond just dropping some tiles on the board.

  • Anonymous

    Enough with the quick fade outs! Jeez. Does look pretty cool though.

  • Anonymous

    well, i sense a strip poker here *cool*

  • Ferraridude

    This looks really cool!
    Will there be a version for the iPhone/iPod Touch?
    And if so, although this might be hard to implement, will there be video chat too? Of course for the 4th generation models only though.

  • zed

    this looks PHENOM!