‘Meganoid’ For iOS Now Has Even More Content

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Orange Pixel’s Meganoid [$.99] now has more content than before. The ultra-stupid hard platform game has been updated with a serious dosage of levels, bringing the ‘normal’ mode up to a stellar 90 different offerings. Sarge Mode (read: hard mode) is now up to 80 courtesy of this latest update pass, which also ushered in Game Center support, several bug fixes and tweaks, and the once Android-exclusive “Oreah Mode,” a backwards variant of the game. A total of 50 levels from this have been added.

On the studio’s official blog, Orange Pixel notes that it’s attempting to bring the total of all three modes to 100 levels, which explains the whole “more to come line” we’ve heard. When not dropping more content into Meganoid, it’s busy with its next platformer, INC.

If you haven’t checked out Meganoid, feel free to read our review. It’s a good mash-up game with super responsive controls and a fun lo-fi art and sound direction. It might be a little too hard for its own good at times, but we dug it overall.

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