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GDC 2011: Chatting With Graeme Devine

Earlier this morning we caught up with Graeme Devine at GDC. Recognize the name? He was a co-founder of Trilobyte and had a huge hand in the original The 7th Guest [$2.99 / HD], The 11th Hour and worked on other games like RTS Halo Wars and FPS Doom 3. Our conversation was all over the place — we talked a bit about native design for the iOS, subscription models, his departure from Apple, and even a little bit about his future as an iOS developer.

Devine has two projects in the works with his daughter. He left Apple to work with his family, and you’ve seen the fruits of that partnership in the form of his card game, Full Deck Solitaire [Free] for the Mac App Store. The two are currently throwing around ideas for an item shop game. It’s early, so there’s a chance this specific project might never see the light of day, but we’ll definitely keep our ears and eyes open for more details as production progresses.

We think Devine’s overall story is pretty interesting. Dude built his reputation on “core" type of games, but here he is now, working on family-friendly casual titles with his family. Very cool stuff, and, obviously, we’re excited to see what’s next.