Last week we post about all the latest advancements of the Unity 3.4 engine. Admittedly, reading feature lists for an engine isn't the best way to get an idea of what it's capable of, especially if you're not already intimately familiar with it as a developer. Thankfully, Unity just released a totally free tech demo similar to Epic's Epic Citadel surrounding the release of the Unreal Engine on iOS devices.

Unity's answer is Angry Bots [Free] which unlike Epic Citadel is much more game-like. It's a dual stick shooter that has a bit of a Dead Space vibe to it with your health bar on the back of your character. If you manage to die, the game takes hints from BioShock and spawns you at the nearest Vita Chamber-like point.

Despite the (hopefully tongue in cheek) name, Angry Bots is actually really cool. It's not very difficult, but it's not supposed to be a game, it's a tech demo. I'm totally excited to see more games using the 3.4 engine, and you likely will be too after giving Angry Bots a try.

  • Eleven

    lol just trying to get ride the coattails on the Angry Birds name

    • AmigaVeteran

      I doubt that the reason it's called that.  It's not like Unity are putting out the game to make money.  I think the team internally called it that more as a joke about Angry Birds than riding the coattails. 

  • Anonymous

    now this is what i call game. 10 times better than deadlock(similar gameplay)

  • Anonymous

    Damn that looks good! Can't help but think of Angry Birds though haha.

  • Simon Edis

    And because the Unity3D guys are so awesome, you get the full Angry Bots code with 3.4. If you don't have it already, you can grab it from the Unity Asset Store (from within the Unity editor). If past Unity demo projects are any indication, I am sure some dodgy dev has already uploaded a slightly modified version of Angry Bots to the App Store which they will try and sell...

  • backtothis

    Pretty cool stuff. About 5 minutes of solid gameplay here. I'm impressed. Let's see what U3.4 brings us in the future.

  • Kabirbijani

    How do you get past the red door in the demo? Or you can't? 🙁

  • Nicholas Francis

    @32ee0d759151534bb75fbc48b08ffff9:disqus Follow the red line on the floor to find the terminal to unlock it.

    • Sildedaspo

      what  do you do in the room with the photographs?

  • Dib

    This could most benefit from the relative joysticks that other games use (press your thumb anywhere to reset the virtual controls to respond to that as the origin).  I found it difficult to move, especially downward because my thumb was frequently moving off the screen.

  • AngryAnt

    @32efe3ab87c3a726e1f0b391c66c1c4d:disqus Thanks for the feedback. We'll take this into consideration for future demos.

  • NEX

    "I found it difficult to move, especially downward because my thumb was frequently moving off the screen."

    I agree!

  • Sildedaspo

    What do i do in the room with the photographs???

  • George B. Smith III

    I tried this out and while it looks pretty damn good the one thing that annoyed the hell out of me was how the screen would shift every time you began to shoot. I deleted it because stuff like that drives me crazy.

  • Andrew Lane

    This gameplay is great!  Some parts are a little wonky, but all in all, it's fantastic for a demo.  Looks like something damn cool could come of this.

    However, when looking at the 2 different types of gameplay (top down shooter in the factory vs. over the should 3rd person shooter in the gallery) I like the over-the-shoulder much better.  And in that same example, if they would use a **point-to-shoot** mechanic (like where you touch on the screen, he shoots there) rather than a dual-stick control system, i feel like it would run much smoother.

    • AmigaVeteran

      While I'm sure they love feedback, repeat these words, "tech - demo".  "Free - tech - demo".

  • YetiWasHere

    Man, how I would love Bioware/ EA to get a license and create truly epic Mass Effect on iOS devices, not some failure like Galaxy is.
    I didn't get part in the gallery though, but listening to Space Oddysey theme is always cool:)

  • apple532

    whats with the weird room with fox pictures