Freebie Alert: ‘Amazing Breaker’ $0 For The Day

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Dekovir’s Amazing Breaker [$.99] kinda came out of nowhere. One day, Eli stumbled upon a little fanfare in the message board and decided to review it. Next thing he knew, he was singing about how good it was on our podcast and serving anyone within listening distance with a heaping plate of praise. Chances are you if you heard him, you already grabbed the game, but if you decided to pass, you really have no excuse now. It’s free. Like, free-free free.

I’m a fan, too, though mostly only because I like smashing precious or beautiful things. The hook revolves around ‘breaking’ sculptures with a bomb-filled catapult. As the intensity of the sculptures ratchets up, your bombs gain powers for maximum obliteration possibilities. It isn’t rocket science, but it’s still pretty fun.

The free-ness of Amazing Breaker will only last the next 16-ish hours, so if you’ve got about five or so seconds go ahead and grab it. I guess there’s a chance you’ll regret it, but it’s not like you lost anything out of the deal.

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