It’s a good day whenever we can write about id Software twice. In addition to letting loose a cool little update to DOOM Classic, the developer’s mobile branch also dropped a great update to its much more recent first-person shooter, RAGE HD [$1.99]. Version 1.21 has been “optimized” for the iPad 2 (we lack specifics on what that entails) and allows for HDMI TV output. Even better, the update packs in a melee mechanic that triggers whenever you push your handheld forward, a new analog stick control option, and addresses some obscure Game Center crash bugs.

If you don't have RAGE but wouldn't mind grabbing it and its update for the price $0, publisher Bethesda has just the solution for you: an online petition (of sorts). When the franchise's Facebook page hits 100,000 "Likes," all variants of the game will go free for an entire week. You can shoot over there right now to sign up and hope that the rest of the Internet responds.

What's next, I wonder. Will we eventually see any of those other RAGE spin-offs that John Carmack teased before? I hope so. QuakeCon is happening pretty soon, so who knows what goodies will get?

  • OFErOne (Erwin Ocampo)

    Loved this game!  Hopefully it goes free so more people can enjoy the goodness of id

  • Matt

    iOS Quake would be awesome!

  • Carlos Aguilera

    You have any information about whether this game will be available for the México Appstore? thanks!

  • ben

    i hope that they finally show us something about Doom 4 this year

  • Devin

    Facebook link redirects me to homepage.

  • Hernan

    I would love to have this game (either buying it or for free) but unfortunately it's not available in the Argentinian Store

  • Anonymous

    Bethesda wants people to support their Facebook cause for iOS but is not interested in supporting Rage or any other game for Mac OS. I will not financially support any iOS Bethesda/id venture unless they also support Mac OS.

    • AndreElijah

      You do realize that Rage and Doom 4 will BARELY run on Macs right?! Forget all of the optimizations that they would have to make - the Mac hardware sucks for gaming. I'm writing this on a maxed out 2011 17'' MacBook Pro. 1gb mid range graphics aren't particularly fast on the 15 and 17''... Only one of the MacMinis come with a dedicated card and it is VERY weak. The Airs and 13'' Pro have integrated graphics... The only decent machines are the iMacs and Mac Pros but even then - you won't get great performance out of them. Not by a long shot. I LOVE Apple - but they really lag behind PCs in graphics. Plus Apple really hates Nvidia lately which causes more problems. Playing Rage HD on my iPad 2 at 1080p on my 50'' plasma last night was an absolute pleasure though. 

      • Boland

        Instead of saying 'rage will barely run on macs', did you mean to say 'rage will only run well on top of the line, start of the art pc's with the newest top end graphics cards'?  If so, then that's just silly.  But then again.. You have no idea, because the system requirements haven't been released for that game. 🙂

  • Ade

    Now if it only becomes available on non-US stores.