Arnold and Jared's obsession over the last six months saw another update this afternoon. If you haven't heard of Disc Drivin [Free / $1.99 / HD] yet, you should really check out our review. It's a really slick asynchronous online multiplayer racing game. Think of it as shuffleboard meets Mario Kart meets Words With Friends.

Anyway, Disc Drivin 1.7 is here, which brings a number of new tracks and obstacles that we detailed a few days ago:

This newest update adds another 3 brand new tracks, for a total of 18, as well as a new track element called the Flipper. You can see the overhead design of each of the tracks in the icons below:

As for the Flipper, pictured at the top of this post, you’ll come across this obstacle placed in various parts of the ground in each of the 3 new tracks. When you slide over it, it propels you forwards and upwards, catapult style. This can either be a very good thing or a very bad thing, mostly depending on where you end up finally landing. The faster you’re going when you hit the Flipper, the farther you’ll get launched, so there should be some good strategic uses of the new object if utilized correctly.

So what are you waiting for? You can play the game for free, and the update is now live. Go start some games on the new tracks and let us know what you think of them.

  • LALeaf

    Great game.....I've been hooked since February.  The updates look great!  LALeaf is my player name.....

  • backtothis

    Zincous is obsessed with it too and owns both Jared and Arn! Woops, that slipped out of my mouth.

    In any case, this is going to be awesome. Just synced the update, and can't wait to get some games going on these new maps.

    Disc Drivin' is no doubt my most-played games daily, and it's awesome on the iPad 2 as well with the HD version. But yeah, thanks for the update.

  • bigrand1

    Been interested in this game since it's inception, but since I don't play online, I've got no use for it. If there's no one player mode, I'll never bother with it. Seems like they could add that as an option, but if they don't want to do it, fine! On to the next game.........  

    • LALeaf

      You can play offline.....there is a Pass and Play feature.  You don't play against a computer player, but you can play both turns yourself.

      • bigrand1

        Thanks! I know that's an option, but I just don't prefer to plat that way! 

  • Zach Williams

    Hit me up if you want to race. Zman2100. I've been hooked since Jared posted his original review in December

  • Bryan Duke

    Awesome! I'm a giant DD fan - downloading the update now!

  • Steven

    Yeah, if anyone else wants a game I'm always happy to play. steven0451

  • JCman7

    Am I the only who is surprised that Eli wrote this article and not Jared!

  • smes3817

    I'm ALWAYS up for a new game.  Add me: smes3817

  • Adams Immersive

    Great game—the only one I’ve never taken a break from. Ever. I play it every day, at least briefly. Username there is the same as here, and I’m always up to play!

  • psiufoxx

    Thanks a lot TouchArcade.. as if Words and Hanging weren't enough of a daily/hourly/minutely (is there such a word?) obsession, now you go and hook me on Disc' Drivin'. 😉

    That being said, LOVE this game and the update looks great. My user name is psiufoxx.. I'm pretty terrible but I'm always up for a game against a fellow toucharcader.