PopCap Adds Retina Support to ‘Plants vs. Zombies’

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Of late, PopCap Games has been crossing its T’s and dotting it’s I’s. Just a few weeks ago, the publisher dropped a retina display support update into its monstrous hit, Peggle [$2.99]. Around roughly the same time, Plants vs. Zombies [$2.99 /HD] received the Zen Garden in a free update, bringing it on par with the other versions out there. Now, PVZ can boast retina display support, too. In a free update that just dropped, PVZ can be seen in all its fantastic, HD-y glory for those playing on an iPhone 4.

If PopCap was a person this kind of housecleaning behavior could be seen as a sign that it’s preparing for something new. Lord knows you won’t catch me picking up quarters off my floor or dusting my molding unless I’m moving out an old couch and putting a new one in.

Is it plausible that we’re on the cusp of receiving a fresh game from the studio? Undoubtedly, it’s working on stuff. Games are kinda how a studio makes money, you know? I just wonder how soon we’ll see something since both of these games are essentially in totally finished states, finally.

In the not-so-distant past, the media spotted a bunch of out-there PopCap Games trademarks. The one that caught my eye the hardest was Yeti Train, but there’s also Popcorn Dragon, Robodojo, and Vacation Quest.

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