Marvel Pinball is a big deal in some circles. It’s often hailed as one of the best digital pinball translations known to man, which isn’t saying a whole lot since the lion's share of these kinds of games are bad-to-middling. But, anyway, its reach will expand in the near-to-mid future. At Comic-Con in San Diego, it was revealed that the game is coming to iOS and every other console or handheld device (including Android) under the sun by the end of 2012.

No other specific details were noted about any upcoming version, but it appears as if the port work will remain in the hands of Zen Studios — a move that bodes well for the game since Zen knows what's what with digital pinball and pinball physics in general.

Notably, a new DLC pack was announced, too, at the event. It will bring in a total of four new tables later this winter. One of them will be Ghost Rider-themed, as you can see from the above screenshot.

I can imagine a scenario in which, if this iOS version is significantly late to the party, this update as well as the others is rolled into the overall package. Then again, that doesn’t make the best business sense... Zen Studios would probably love the extra revenue stream IAP could provide. Regardless of the business plan, we'll be keeping a look out for this one out as it creeps towards release.

[Via Destructoid]

  • Fokion

    Nice... more serious iOS ports, please. Games like this are really suited to the touch screen. Now waiting for a Magic the Gathering DOTP 2012 announcement... you know it makes sense.

  • Duuude

    END of 2012 ?? Really? And they announcing it now?
    By then, the iPad3 will be "the old one" ...

    • Anonymous

      Yeah this is way too long to wait for a pinball game, Marvel or not. Tell me again in 17 months time.

  • Sebastian

    So you report a game is in the works that might come out at the end of an 18 month period.


  • Anonymous

    That's a long way off. I do like Pinball FX 2 on XBLA (which has the Marvel machines, and others). I'd rather it was Pinball FX 2 (3) instead, without being limited to just Marvel themes, but oh well. Better then nothing... at least in a year or so.

  • Milkman Games

    Exciting, personally I love the Williams Collection on xbox360 in terms of good translations of real pins.  I haven't found a pinball sim on ios yet though where I really love the camera/control combo.

  • Chaz Oswald

    Yes!!!!!! Finally Zen studios did an IOS pinball!! They are the best pinball devs! Pinball FX 1 and 2 on XBL was amazing! I don't even like marvel but dang!

  • chengkun he