Gameloft has been posting video podcast on their YouTube channel for quite a while now, and it can be a little hit or miss regarding the amount of interesting tidbits nestled inside. The latest episode, which hit a few days ago, mostly covers E3 and the games they were showing there. Some are already released, and we had our hands all over some of the other ones. Considering all this, the most interesting part of the last podcast is a Facebook game of all things, which should be more than a little familiar to some of you (proper part queued up for your viewing pleasure):

Utilizing the Unity web player plugin, Gameloft has (since this podcast was released) brought Order & Chaos to Facebook. Playing is as simple as downloading the plugin (if you don't have it already) and heading over to the Order & Chaos Facebook page. It's completely free until level 10, and after that you'll need to subscribe. There's a number of payment options ranging from 1 Facebook credit (equal to 10¢) for a day of access, or 30 Facebook credits for six moths.

Unfortunately, Facebook players play on separate servers from mobile players, so you will need to start fresh. Regardless, this is incredibly cool to see Gameloft doing and just goes to show the sheer ubiquity of the Unity engine. It's always neat to see iOS titles hopping platforms, and it will be interesting to see how Order & Chaos does on Facebook since it's basically now a passable World of Warcraft clone that people can play at work in their browser.

  • :p

    why dont you have an girls that look like that on the toucharcade podcast:p

    • P Allen

      The one before her (Naomi) was even better looking.
      I actually deleted this game before my time was up though it's just to battery demanding for the system in my opinion.

    • Anonymous

      They have Brad Nicholson

    • Supershott88

      I am the only one who just stared at her huge tits and ass???

  • Steven

    Does anyone else think Gamelofts video podcasts are cringeworthy?

    • Anonymous

      No, not at all.......ah... YES. Just show the games - and kill the false enthusiasm via worthless script. And That awful running BlockBreaker skit - ugh....I was embarrassed for them - but I love the Blockbreaker series.

  • Ben Ruddock

    This might have been cool if my characters were shared between the iPhone and Facebook versions. Not to mention World Of Warcraft recently went free-to-play 'til level 20 recently, making this kinda obsolete.

  • Sebastian Paul

    Still a great idea, but as Ben mentioned, would have been so much better, if it would be possible to play existing iOS/Android-chars

  • Purdyethan

    what are the required specs?

  • Caio Dizzy

    This is like yell to all iOS/android players "YOU ARE PAYING FOR NOTHING YOU FOOLS"... When you share iOS accounts of O&C with facebook O&C i'll buy more games from you

  • Booch138

    I would play this on FaceBook if the subscriptions were the same as on the iPod. Meaning, if I bought 6 months on the iPod, I should be able to play that on the FaceBook one. I don't even care about the same character, just the same subscription. 

  • Artfoundry

    I just tried this and could not get anywhere in the game.  Why?  Because there's only one training dummy in the tutorial area, and like 100 characters surrounding it, making it untargetable (and you can't skip the tutorial)!  Has anyone who's played the iOS version experienced that?  How could Gameloft possibly think that would work?

    • Guest

      hit tab to select dummy...

  • chengkun he