We did our best to stay rational amidst the rampant speculation that Nintendo was getting into the App Store with the release of Pokémon Say Tap in Japan this summer. For one, it isn’t a move that makes sense. Nintendo puts its own titles on consoles and handhelds that it owns and sells exclusively. Also, Nintendo is keen on ragging on the App Store and saying Apple has it all wrong, so why would it bother with an app?

The word that we trusted was that this was a The Pokémon Company release, not a Nintendo one. The Pokémon Company is an affiliate of Nintendo and are the marketing managers of a brand that expands well beyond the confines of video games and into the realm of TV, toys, and other forms of media like a trading card game.

Turns out that this information was accurate. Nintendo of America, in a recent chat with Giant Bomb, flatly denied any Nintendo involvement with the project and said Nintendo content will continue to stay on Nintendo platforms. Pokémon Say Tap is a The Pokémon Company marketing tool. That’s it. Period.

"On July 1, the Pokémon Company announced that it was launching a free Android and iOS application in Japan called [Pokémon Say Tap]. The Pokémon Company routinely launches applications for cell phones and PCs as a way to promote its non-video game products, such as a music CD and Pokémon TCG cards in this instance,” Nintendo of America said in a statement given to Giant Bomb.

“Since they are intended purely as promotional tools, not as unique video games, Nintendo is not involved in any way,” it said. “... Nintendo has no intention or plans of publishing its IP on non-Nintendo platforms. This is an example of a promotion by a key Nintendo partner and has no bearing on Nintendo's overall strategy.”

Keep dreaming those Nintendo dreams for Nintendo-published and created releases on the App Store. Mario and the rest of the bunch aren’t coming in the foreseeable future, as was made clear in this statement. You'll have to keep buying the latest Nintendo handhelds if you want in on some Nintendo action.

[Via GiantBomb]

  • Anonymous

    If the same thing happens to Nintendo that happened to Sega, they will eventually come around.  Sega for the longest time had no reason to bring Sonic to other platforms, wasn't until it was clear that the Dreamcast just wasn't going to save them that they started moving their IP to other platforms (and completely got out of the hardware business as a result).

    Actually come to think of it, didn't the Dreamcast have a screen on the controller like the new Wii does?  Now that would be a pretty extreme example of history repeating itself lol.

    • TheLeanMachine

      Not funny....

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Felix-Reichert/680467228 Felix Reichert

       If the Dreamcast would have been a huge sucess commercially, would have been only nearly as innovative as the WiiU, if the Sega games of that time would have been half as good as Nintendo's are now (and always were), AND if the Saturn would have been the most popular, most mass-market home console at the time,

      THEN, and only then,

      you'd not be talking out of your... bum.

  • Tim

    A lot of the gaming industry still isn't taking the app store seriously. I imagine the idea of selling new game for under $10 scares the crap out of them. I don't think Nintendo or Sony are going anywhere anytime soon...but lets face it, the industry is changing, they will need to adapt or get left behind. Nintendo is missing out not releasing some of their games on iOS. Retro gaming is really taking off, and playing Mario on my iPod would be great. So what if it isn't on a DS or a Wii, they are still making money. To be honest, the last time I paid $60 for a new PS3 game was when Fallout 3 came out. But between then and now I've bought a new iOS game almost everyday. I really wonder if its more pride then business...

    • TheLeanMachine

      Pride? Nintendo and Sony do have pride, unlike Apple, Sony and Nintendo's downloadable  dont have stuff like Beer apps, Gun apps, or Fart apps

      • Tim

        I'm not saying pride in what they release, I'm talking about the "We're Sony/Nintendo why should we bother with the App Store". They do have reasons not too, but there are also reasons they should take notice. And if you are so down on the selection of apps at the App Store why are you posting on a mostly iDevice site? Doesn't Nintendo and Sony have a site you can post your feeling about Apples lack of pride? Come to think of it, iFart has made for some fun moments at my offices bathroom.

      • Ashcd2

        I don't think "The Machine" understood your use of the word pride 🙂 but youre right everyone wants their own iTunes, can't blame them though.

      • SunDevil

        @Machine - first you totally missed what the dude was saying and second you come in with the app store is nothing but fart apps?

        Ever play Real Racing? Dead Space? Aralon? Any of the Gameloft clones? You own an iPhone or are you just here to stir up crap?

    • The Ace of Aces

      First party Nintendo game releases on iOS will never happen unless Nintendo goes the route of Sega and is kicked out of the console business.  Until that happens, to expect Nintendo to port over even older/past first party titles is almost like expecting Apple to let Microsoft distribute iPhones for them.  Mario and co. are Nintendo's bread and butter and it makes absolutely no sense from their business standpoint to let someone else get a cut of their ginormous pie.  Sure, Apple's gaining significant ground on the likes of Nintendo and Sony, but at this point in time, releasing any first party titles on the app store would be idiotic at best.  If they want to continue to sell their consoles, they need their biggest lures (first party titles) to be exclusive to their consoles and their consoles alone.  And, well, while Apple has been gaining significant ground as I said before, don't forget that the Wii has made Nintendo a crapload of money.  And while its sales have been depressed as of recently, to call the Wii a total failure would be.....well, considering the money they've made, you can be sure the printmoneygif is not going away any time soon.  

      Don't get me wrong, I'd love to play some old Nintendo games or first party Sony games on my iPhone.  But I just don't think it'll happen unless Apple totally trounces Nintendo (which I don't think will totally happen as Apple doesn't have much of a way of dealing with console gaming.  Handheld gaming yes, console gaming, no).  As long as Nintendo and Sony and MS make consoles, they will continue to make exclusive first party content for their consoles.  It makes no sense to let your best assets be utilized to sell a product that isn't yours.  

    • http://twitter.com/hanerlend Erlend D. Handeland

      "Retro gaming is really taking off, and playing Mario on my iPod would be great. So what if it isn't on a DS or a Wii, they are still making money."

      Mario is the only reason I'm still thinking of buying DS for my boys instead of an iPod. They would lose a lot of money from me if they released even an old Mario-game for iOS.

  • Capone

    Well, Nintendo admitted that basically their handhelds and consoles are nothing more than boxes which allow you to play Mario games. And as Nintendo (unlike Sony, for example) makes money with every hardware unit sold, they would be stupid to port their games to other platforms.
    Look at me: I'm a NIntendo addict since decades, but I really think the new 3DS is a piece of sh*t. Nontheless I'll probably have to buy it by the release of Mario Kart 3DS at the latest. Even though I never owned a DS system (but almost any Big N console), I know that some of the greatest video game experiences are made by NIntendo. And if you want to enjoy them, you'll always have to buy a Nintendo system.
    I'm fine with that. Because I know that a huge part of the great experience when enjoying Nintendo games comes from the fact that everything comes from one source (hard- and software).

  • lindy

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  • Kefiox

    I'm just going to keep hoping that one day I will get Pokemon/Mario/Zelda/Animal Crossing on my iPhone. I know the likelihood of it ever happening is virtually non-existent however, the thought makes me hopeful. I haven't been able to buy a Nintendo console/handheld since the Gameboy SP. Nintendo has done nothing but go downhill in my mind with the way they've marketed themselves. Regardless of how much money they've made off of the Wii it was garbage imo, and don't even get me started on the 3ds pos. I couldn't even bring myself to buy a regular ds and while that sucks for me a lot of people enjoyed it. Personally I believe they'd make more money if they stopped making shitty consoles and put their games elsewhere. The new Wii looks absolutely terrible, they're just now getting to the point Sony and Microsoft have been at for years in terms of hardware.

  • Tiagocatfsh

    But everyone listen, just because the pokemon isn't going to be 100% nintendos game, I'm almost sure that it's going to sell like hotcakes! Wether it's good or not people are going to buy it, if not just for the name. People are stupid sometimes. Me myself hated the game halo 2 gor my xbox but yet I played it up until halo 3 came out, I should have just kept playing halo 1 because I enjoyed that one, but this one was named halo 2 so it was better. Sometimes peOple are ignorant but the gaming companys love that, they will always advertise their product wwwwaaayy better than it is so people buy it and feel regret. Pokemon say tap is going to be one of those games and it going to make a lot of money, maybe some day nintendo will make games for other devices because they realized mobile gaming is a gold mine.they would have realized this from the upcoming game pokemon say tap

  • Tim

    I think my point is being missed...I'm 27, I'm not buying a DS or a Wii. I barely touch my PS3, I game almost totally on my iPod. I would like to think I'm not the only person like that. I'm not willing to buy a Wii or a DS to play one Nintendo game. But, I would totally buy Mario or Zelda or whatever for my iPod. I agree 100% that those titles are Nintendos big money games, but they are also missing possible sales. At 27 I would feel a little strange eating lunch and pulling a DS out of my briefcase and playing a level of Mario while my coworkers laugh at me. But I can get away with gaming on my iPod. I just think there is an audience there that isn't being noticed. And again I'm not trying to pick a fight with Nintendo and Sony people, or people with kids. But stop for a second and think about how huge the release would be for Mario and Zelda on iTunes. People who would never buy a DS would put money down to play Mario on there iDevice I at least think that we can agree on.

    • Capone

      Well, the average Wii gamer is around 30 years old, so don't let your age hold you back when thinking about buying a Nintendo console. 😉
      But I admit that I - and I'm a bit older than you - also feel "too old" when thinking about buying a DS handheld. But that's probably kind of odd, because there are lots of games out there (or at least announced) that aren't aimed at kids, but rather at everyone.
      Aside from the economical aspect: I think you probably mistake Nintendos situation. Nintendo is not only a market leader, it is also very dominant and shapes the video gaming market with its own visions and its big (and somehow controlling) influence. Nintendo now knows, how the next Mario Kart, Smash Bros. and Super Mario game will be played, as they created the Wii U - and the Wii U controller - themselves.
      Look at SEGA. This company doesn't shape the market anymore (like in the 90s), they just release (partially very good) games for consoles other companies created.
      Nintendo will always try to remain an important and dominant player, and that will only work as long as they are able to create their own hardware to realize their own visions.

    • Anonymous

      I think you're right and there is a demographic who would buy Mario for their iDevice that Nintendo isn't tapping into.

      But I also think that if Nintendo were to do so it would be incredibly short sighted of them. It would be similar to if DC Comics were to let Marvel make Batman comics and Batman shows, and DC takes a portion of Marvel's sales of the Batman product. DC Comics might make money in the short run, but in the long run they'd dilute their own product base while strengthening Marvel's own.

  • Tim

    You're dead on right about Nintendo Capone. My grandparents own a Wii. Nintendo always leads when it comes to new ideas, and they do extremely well...except Virtual Boy...poor thing never had a chance. But to openly ignore another market is foolish. I remember Sony with their PSP commericals bashing the App Store. I do agree that Nintendo does market to everyone, but there is still the image that a hand held gaming device is for kids, and I don't think that can be over come easily. You can bet Nintendo is keeping a close eye on this Pokemon release though.