Jonathan Lanis' Boost 2 [$1.99 / HD] is great. We've praised it to death and are always eager to hear more intel about the psychedelic, first-person racing game. And finally, there's news.  A Lite version is now available on the App Store. It went up earlier this week alongside a July 4 sale that has since ended.

Boost 2 feels like what happens to me after I guzzle protein powder. The world narrows into a neon tube and I’m rushing through it, man, all the while clenching my teeth and pushing it to the max. It’s primal. It’s first-person F-Zero without the opponents and a couple of gallons of Red Bull poured in for good measure. The goal in all the modes boils down to “don’t hit the neon obstacles” as your speed increases in ever-winding, cylindrical stages.

Looks neat, right? Give it a spin for free. I'm guessing you'll go ahead and grab the full version if you haven't already. If you don't, I'm not sure we can be friends anymore. Sorry.

  • Mike

    Does this mean I'm not invited to your birthday party? I was gonna bring Squeeze-Its for everyone... 🙁

  • Anonymous

    I get the feeling this may strike me off the Christmas card list, but if you ask me it's only the opponents that made F-Zero X any fun...

  • bones boy

    Brad now that we're not friends anymore can I get with your sister?

    Just kidding I LOVE Boost 2. Great time-filler while waiting for an iOS port of Wipeout

  • Anonymous

    Boost  was definately a fun and underrated game during its time, but this one just looks like a faster version resold as a sequel. I don't have anything against the game, but the quality of games in the app store are vastly superior now and more competitively priced than they were when Boost was first released.

  • volt

    It's not resold, it's a free upgrade if you have the old version.

  • Scopa0304

    How is the lite version different from the full version? Or is there an ending to the Lite version that I haven't hit yet?