Kotaku Japan is reporting that an official Pokemon game is on its way to the App Store and Android marketplace in Japan this summer. Provided the translations we’ve seen are accurate, it’s called Pokemon Say Tap? Apparently, it’s a rhythm game that has you tapping on Pokemon-themed cards in time with the game’s music.

When it hits it’ll be available for $0, which should strike you as an uncharacteristic move for a publisher who rails against the App Store when promoting the its comparatively high-priced 3DS and its high-priced games. But this probably isn’t a Nintendo-published joint; rather, it appears to be a The Pokemon Company title. The Pokemon Company is an affiliate of Nintendo and has licensing and marketing power over the well-loved, well-travelled IP. So, not-official, but official. You see what I'm getting at?

This does seem to have some amount Nintendo backing, though, if a listing on the game’s official JP page and a credit on the title screen itself is any indication of this kind of weighty stuff. I have a feeling the accreditation and promotion is more about "Hey, we're Nintendo; we do Pokemon!" than it says about Nintendo's plans for the App Store, which I'm almost positive there are none. Sorry, folks.

Either way, an official Pokemon app is on its way. I wonder if Nintendo or The Pokemon Company will start cracking down on the immense amount of unofficial Pokemon stuff on Android and the App Store?

[Via Kotaku Japan]

  • Anonymous

    Holy! Even though it's not an official game this is a big shift from inside Nintendo's camp.

    • Anonymous

      Not too big, as it is not Nintendo, just an affiliated company. I really think if they put a full fledged Pokemon game out from Nintendo on the app store it would easily sell at $29.99.

      But they won't as the franchise drives hardware sales for the DS and 3DS, and in turn drives sales of other games.

      • Anonymous

        Dude this is from the Pokemon Company as in the actual makers of Pokemon and of course this won't lead to an official game it's just very interesting to see this development.

  • will

    sounds boring... a rythym game? why can't we actually have proper pokemon.

  • Whilum

    Agreed Will.  You could be clicking on any stupid object in this game, they just happened to make it pokemon.  It's like if the cards were mortal kombat characters, doesn't make it a mortal kombat game does it?

  • HisDivineOrder

    I suspect this is an unofficial test by Nintendo through a related third party to see what the iOS/smartphone waters are like.  If there is money to be made, they might consider it, but it'd take the 3DS continuing to tank for that to happen.

    • Anonymous

      I agree and disagree. I think they know full well there is money to be made, but not through "actual" Pokemon games. The money to be made is hidden within the not-so-exclusive knowledge that Pokemon fans will buy any crap. This will sell on name alone and then the floodgates are open for other franchises to sell us cheap, crappy spin-offs and mini games coated with the names of popular IPs.

      • http://morereasonsyoushouldntfuckkids.tumblr.com Chungyen Chang

        Kind of like what Konami has done with all of their crappy iOS games that leech off  of franchise names..

  • Zwilnik

    I'm guessing it's a bit of a gamble by Nintendo. Just enough Pokemon to remind people there's a device you can buy to play Pokemon games on at $40 a pop, but not enough Pokemon gameplay to replace that device. Essentially trying to use the iOS to advertise the DS.

  • http://www.facebook.com/madebymadison Madison Fotografie

    Japanese Rhythm Games such as Rhythm Paradise (DS), Utachhi! (DS), Taiko No Tatsujin (iOS and various other platforms) and Jubeat are usually a lot of fun. It's probably free because most of these rhythm games (like the iOS version of Taiko No Tatsujin) require you to buy 'song packs' in app.

  • E_Domina

    and it even looks like they're using the latest generation pokemon. bad choice. dont they realize that people only liked the original 50(1?) and nothing will change

    • Anonymous

      151, not 51. And while I'm not a huge fan of the above designs, I gotta point out that there's been kids who picked up Pokemon with the latest generation, or maybe the one before. It's been a very long time since 1998. It seems like a worse choice to just stick with the originals for something like this, as much as I like them.

      • Anonymous

        although nintendo did re-release the original 2 games as fire-red and leaf-green

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, in 2004. 7 years ago.

      • Anonymous

         I'd still gamble the bulk of smartphone users don't know any pokemon past the originals, hell I've played 3 of the post red/blue games and I can't remember any of their names.

      • LeeDot

        My friend's daughter is seven, has an ipod touch and knows the name and stats of every pokemon out there. As far as I know neither her or her friends have a specific love of just the first 151.

         Not that a single sample set can be used to draw a conclusion about the rest of the world but there are at least some people out there that definitely like the new pokemon as well.

    • Laurenluckinbill

      Generation 5 > Everything else

      But seriously. If you stopped caring about Pokemon after gen 1, or you're over the age of 10, you're not the target audience for this game. And this little app, if it's real, isn't about generating money within itself, it's about advertising the Nintendo console-based Pokemon franchise and as a long time fan I'm totally okay with that.

  • I'm 12 and what is this

    151, not 51.  I guess someone out there must still care about the new Pokemon.  Not everyone was in elementary school around the new millennium.  

  • Anonymous

    I won't bite. This is just a joke of a pokemon-themed game. Even if it's free.

  • Fredrik Jackson

    When I read that an official Pokémon game was coming to the App Store, I was like: Wow, awesome. Cool. Looking forward to that! - But when I read further, I was like: Uh... wtf? Who wants this? We have enough'a silly.. sillies.

  • Guest

    I smell another "Lame Castle" campaign coming on.

  • EricSapp07

    I've said it from day one. Sony, nintendo, and microsoft dont need to see the app marketplace as competition, but embrace it as a venue to market their offerings and offer better connectivity to their own services. Everyone is going to have a phone, and more and more people are going to be getting smartphones. That isn't their market, and they need to use it as a place to grow their own markets.

  • http://twitter.com/Songbirdeeee Song

    Saw the title, got excited... Oh well, you successfully got my hopes up. 🙁 But then again the day that Nintendo makes a game for the appstore....

  • Tarzerix

    easy guys...
    this "news" is based on speculations...nothing more! nintendo did never confirm this...

    "Nintendo’s strategy to develop software only for its own
    hardware “hasn’t changed and won’t change,” Yasuhiro Minagawa,
    a spokesman for the Kyoto-based maker of the Wii game console
    and DS portable player, said today by phone."


  • The Truth

    To the people saying this isn't Nintendo:

    "The Pokemon Company" is part of Nintendo and Pokemon is a Nintendo-owned IP.

  • Laurenluckinbill

    I don't care how much this stupid little game is if they release it on the American App Store I'm buying it.

  • Kefiox

    Well this article was a severe let down. I was literally just telling my girlfriend how awesome it would be to be able to play Pokemon on my iPhone yesterday and saw this today and got all excited only to be disappointed.

    What they should do is sell the original Red/Blue games on the app-store updated with color and touch controls of course and go from there. Price them as much as the actual game it doesn't matter they'll make billions. Then just go down the line until they're caught up with the latest additions to the series.

  • http://twitter.com/Scykei Thicky

    I want a Pokemon Crystal port D: I'd give about anything for that D:

  • Erodriguez7287

    You can play pokemon games on iPhone if it's jailbroken. Download a gba emulator. Then simply add the rom. I'm currently playing emerald.