If you have a fairly good memory, then you may recall when Square Enix announced way back at E3 2010 that Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions would be hitting the App Store with an expected release before the end of the year. Then in December, they officially delayed the release and gave it a new target date of Spring 2011. Back in May Square Enix once again slid the release date back, stating that Final Fantasy Tactics likely wouldn’t make it in time for Spring but should be ready for late June or mid-July.

However, on their Facebook page yesterday, Square Enix pushed the release date back yet again. Apparently they are going to need just a tiny bit of extra development time, and rather than mid-July, Final Fantasy Tactics producer Shiina expects the game to finally be available July twenty... something, or perhaps the very last couple of days in July.

To ease the pain a bit for this additional delay, Shiina offers up some info on the upcoming game. He states that the performance of the game is fast and it’s very comfortable to play on the touch screen, and there should be a new video demonstrating this soon. He also says that it will not be a universal game, and that a native iPad version should be launching about a month after the iPhone version. Additionally, the game will require at least a 3rd generation device to play.

Shiina then explains how the game will save your exact state when exiting or being interrupted by a call or text, and that this function was tricky to implement and has added to the extended development time considerably. Finally, Shiina notes that there won’t be any kind of multiplayer in the game, and at this time there are no plans to release add-ons after the game comes out, which seems a bit odd.

I love Final Fantasy Tactics just as much as the next guy, but I’m definitely ready for the game to stop being delayed and just release already. Hopefully this new late July timeframe will hold strong and we’ll all be playing the game in about a month.

  • Chickdigger802

    lol wonder how much will it cost. They spendt a good amount of time on this lol.

    $15-$20 is my bet ;P

    • Vovin

      You could be right. Rumours from different websites talk about approx. 15 bucks.
      I am betting on something like 17-18 bucks. 

      No problem to wait until end of July, at least for me. Better to wait another month for a fully functionable game instead of waiting 2-3 more months for vital functions which haven't been implemented yet.
      S/E isn't known for releasing half-baked stuff and that's cool.

      • Briker Ed

        You might want to rethink that. They're rather known for rushing a few games as well, their most noticeable and biggest project being FF XIV. They dropped the ball on that one like no other publisher before :/ As for their iOS releases, they indeed had no major mishaps and hopefully FF Tactics will be a good example for them.

      • Vovin

        That's why I don't like the headline of this article.
        Normally S/E are taking their time to bring out good, clean products. Dunno what happened to the rushed FFXIV.

        But it really doesn't help when Jason instigates the people to complain and be mad about S/E. Sure, it is bad that the game is delayed for the third time, but neither their fanbase nor Squeenix themselves are happy about this, I guess.

        I appreciate that they apologize and give us reasons for the delays.
        No need to grumble around.

      • SMP

        There is no reason that anyone cant wait for a video game, a delay is a ridiculous thing to complain about. Besides, look at the pictures, he bowed, thats a very humble thing for a japanese person to do.

  • Angry Panda Man

    One more delay and I'm going to kill a panda... btw if they don't announce Chrono Trigger soon I'm going to kill two pandas...

    • Vovin

      It is announced, they're working at a port for mibile devices.
      There's a teaser page.

    • http://twitter.com/21tigermike Michael A. Robson

      I feel conflicted, because i want to say FY Japan for this, but, the day it comes out, I'm going to buy it.  ... Damn

      • Vovin

        That's quite normal. All persons complaning now will be buying this later. 😉
        All in the same boat, we are.

    • Briker Ed

      As much as I love Chrono Trigger, I'm getting sick of it. I played it on SNES, PSX and NDS and I would REALLY like to see Chrono Cross get some love too. I think that game is unfairly overlooked and much underrated.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Hellioz-Dogol/100001254343956 Hellioz Dogol

    Better that way. TQ SE

  • http://twitter.com/21tigermike Michael A. Robson

    Final Fantasy Tactics Forever

  • http://twitter.com/Dune_001 Jase Wayne

    we still love u Square Enix!

    • Vovin

      Yes, and we want a baby from you, Squeenix! Just call it FinalFantasy Tactics! 😀

  • Vovin

    Btw., can somebody guess the last number that Shiina is writing?
    Could be a "2" and this would be a Thursday also. 🙂

    • Vovin

      No, it's like more of an "8".

      • Macaroon

        Looks like a 7 to me.

      • Vovin

        Wednesday, 27th? Sure, why not.

        I bet they posted this picture purposely, just to tease us even more.

        And Dragon Quest is the best idea today, dammit.

      • http://twitter.com/21tigermike Michael A. Robson

        As opposed to, posting it accidentally?

  • bigE1669

    get this game out so SE can working on DRAGON QUEST dammit.

  • Anonymous

    I guess I'm ok with this.  What I expect is a full iOS Touch Screen port.  When I touch the screen to do something, it should do it instead of a half-ass virtual D-Pad like others do.   Rumors of 15 - 20 bucks.. I will probably fork out whatever the price is on day one. This is by far my favorite game of all time.

    • SMP

      I wonder if enough people would be willing to pay that much money for an ios game?

  • Derek Dodson

    I'm all about getting a fully polished game out, however long that takes. It's just disappointing to get excited.. then let down... and again. Why couldn't they set a realistic production schedule in the first place? its not the first time porting something to the iOS, you'd think the devs would know what's in store for them.

  • E_Domina

    Plus since it only works on half the devices, their sales will probably be way less than they expected

    • Vovin

      Well, you're right. At 15 bucks, they will only sell 50.000 copies in the first two weeks, that's just 750.000 bucks.

  • Keruvinde

    Call me crazy...but I believe that a game company shouldnt announce a game untill its actually finished...then set the release date a few months down the road while they add in things like add-ons and what not...i dont hate any game company, i just think that "if it aint ready...keep your mouth shut" is a good policy.

    • SMP

      Youre crazy, these things arent certain, and even when it seems certain, its not uncommon for something unpredictable to come along and cause a delay. Always expect plans to change, that applies to life in general

      • http://twitter.com/21tigermike Michael A. Robson

        Gimme a break. When the game's in beta testing, you can start advertising. Square just F'd up.

  • Syedmahdi3123

    Everyday since they delayed the game, i go beat up a pillow!!! Actually, i now do not know what the difference is in between a liar, and square enix now. Jkjk, i love u guys, but u need to stop all these delays!!!!