EA doesn’t kid around when it comes to App Store sales. During Christmas 2010, the publisher offered up much of its catalogue for 99 cents. It’s doing the same right now in celebration of the US’ Independence Day, and I’m guessing it’ll net similar results: total App Store chart domination.

Around 90 of EA's titles have hit the 99 cent floor with this sale. Just below, we've listed the ones whose prices were slashed in honor of this holiest of holidays. The blurb in front of each game isn’t specific on the dates the sell will run, so buy now if you’re into anything the publisher has. And there's a lot to like here -- Dead Space, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, and older (but still quality) titles like Mirror's Edge are all being featured.

Other studios are running sales, too. Gameloft, Com2Us, and Adult Swim have cut the cost of a lot of their libraries and even smaller developers are getting into the mood. Stick with us today and we'll definitely bring you that information.

  • Anonymous

    There are some great deals here, especially for iPad owners... Thanks TA!

  • http://profiles.google.com/fleshman1992 Laszlo Tuss

    Sale on the scrapyard.....
    Make universal games with gamecenter support ....
    And make a full port of The Sims one instead of making boring, useless 3D "tech demos", because they are the worst, over-hyped rippoffs in my entire life...

    Expect Dead Space, its eught to say good game for 0,79€, but for more, its a joke

  • http://twitter.com/Gameprom Gameprom

    Soon in AppStore will be no developers/publishers except EA, Gameloft and Rovio 🙂

  • ConraDargo

    Come oooon Capcom!!! I wants mah Monster Hunter Dynamic Hunting o/ It would look so good with my new, official iPhone 4 MH-themed steel case

  • Paulm12

    God damn EA!  Thats a lot of freaking games!  Thanks.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=502646473 Stephen Price

    Ikuragames is still offering $1000 for the highest score in Jabbit posted by 4th July (12:00 GMT)  Terms and conditions on our website (www.ikuragames.com).

    Less than 2 days left to score!

  • Matt

    Konami Titles on 99 cent sale too. Select titles. MGS, Castlevania Puzzle, Silent hill, Silent scope and xmen, among a few others.

  • Ricekrispy1034

    Just got my iPad 2, and the price of "HD" games really bothers me.... but I'm gonna be buying a lot of games with this sale 😀

  • DOm