EA Throwing Its ‘Biggest Sale Yet’ With Its Latest For Independence Day

EA doesn’t kid around when it comes to App Store sales. During Christmas 2010, the publisher offered up much of its catalogue for 99 cents. It’s doing the same right now in celebration of the US’ Independence Day, and I’m guessing it’ll net similar results: total App Store chart domination.

Around 90 of EA’s titles have hit the 99 cent floor with this sale. Just below, we’ve listed the ones whose prices were slashed in honor of this holiest of holidays. The blurb in front of each game isn’t specific on the dates the sell will run, so buy now if you’re into anything the publisher has. And there’s a lot to like here — Dead Space, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, and older (but still quality) titles like Mirror’s Edge are all being featured.

Other studios are running sales, too. Gameloft, Com2Us, and Adult Swim have cut the cost of a lot of their libraries and even smaller developers are getting into the mood. Stick with us today and we’ll definitely bring you that information.