The wait for Tales of Monkey Island HD episodes is over. In one of the craziest App Store maneuvers I’ve ever seen, Telltale Games pushed out the remaining four episodes of the five-episode arc in a single afternoon. Each title is available at an agreeable $6.99, which a few dollars shy of what they continue to cost on other downloadable services.

In the interest of drumming up interest, Telltale has also slashed the price of the first game to $0 for a limited time. It’s a good game at a great price, and like the rest of the titles in the series, it’s faithful to the vision of Monkey Island while also still exhibiting its own charm and takes on the universe.

I've been there and back again with the series, so allow me to give you a little look at each app:

Monkey Island Tales 1 HD, $2.99 - [Review] - [Forum Thread] - Talk about opening with a bang. Within the first minutes of the Tales series, Guybrush defeats his arch-nemesis the evil pirate LeChuck. Unfortunately, in the process, Guybrush loses his wife, his ship, and... unleashes a deadly pox into the world. Most of this episode centers on Guybrush getting a ship in order to find Elaine.

Monkey Island Tales 2 HD, $2.99 - Things don't easier even though a few minor goals were met in the previous episode. In this adventure specifically, Guybrush re-unites with his wife and meets the Mer-people in his search for La Esponja Grande, which is otherwise known as the cure for the misanthropic pox infesting the world.

Monkey Island Tales 3 HD, $2.99 - You'd roast me if I revealed the setting for this episode, but I do want to note that it's something COMPLETELY different than the previous episodes. In this place, Guybrush meets two new characters to the series, one of which becomes a key driver in the rest of the story arc.

Monkey Island Tales 4 HD, $2.99 - Guybrush goes on trial in the place where it all started. How does he defend himself against the accusations thrown at him? If only it was as simple as "Look behind you, a three-headed monkey!"

Monkey Island Tales 5 HD, $2.99 - Now, the task is to save the world against a threat. How Monkey Island of Telltale. Oh, and if it wasn't plain, this is indeed the last episode of the series. But what a conclusion, let me tell you.

As a whole, this is a fantastic series. Sure, there are spots where the story drags and, yeah, there are definitely some horrible puzzles, but this series is easily some of Telltale Games sharpest work. The writing in particular is impressive. If you dig the first episode -- don't forget, it's free -- definitely start diving into the rest of these. They're worth your time.

  • Anonymous

    I'm glad the first one is free, because it ran like garbage on my first gen iPad. I'm really disappointed.

  • Christian Heidarson

    Unfortunately I played ALL of them on my mac already. They are a tad too expensive to buy just for the sake of having them on my iPad, but I would pay $1.00. Something to think about for the good people at TellTale - if there was a $1.00 option for people who bought the game on another platform that might be some bonus revenue.

  • Anonymous

    Already bought it on PC and after 30 minutes was done and dusted.  Crappy controls, poor engine (seriously poor) and I couldn't even get passed the intro video on the iPad before I shut it down in disgust at how poor the animation and engine look.

    I bought the series hoping something would come after, like a new Monkey Island game that actually deserved to be played and I even bought Back to the Future which turned out to be even more suckage.  I won't be supporting Telltale anymore, I tried, I liked the general idea of what they were trying to do but their execution sucks.

  • Outersketcher

    well, I guess us ipod owners are out in the cold... yeah, I know, "go buy an ipad". But I happen to LIKE the small size of my little ipod.

  • Alexander Vd Meulen Mr-Quest