While out at WWDC 2011, I sat down with Limbic Software and Hidden Elephant to have a look at an upcoming game developed in conjunction with Digital Cavemen. Zombie Gunship is, I believe, the most promising title of the aerial zombie shooter genre. Ok, and maybe also the only member of that genre. But, I'm happy it will soon be out there, because sniping zombies from on high is a pretty sweet experience.

The game puts you in control of the turrets of a Lockheed AC-130 heavily-armored ground attack gunship. But, it's not merely enemy troops you're trying to wipe out. It's zombies. Hordes of zombies. And gigantic, hard-to-kill boss zombies. (It's grizzly.)

Your mission is to defend an allied army bunker at Cheyenne Mountain from the encroaching armies of the dead while, at the same time, keeping the unholy beasts from ravenously consuming a number of scattered and highly unfortunate ground troops caught outside said bunker -- all from the belly of a soaring death machine. You have several types of ordnance with which to rain destruction upon the zombies, and the ability to zoom in for a surgical shot that can save a troop from an in-progress zombie attack.

It's an endless experience -- the zombies just won't stop. The longer you fend off the horde, the higher your score. But, eventually, a zombie is going to get into the bunker or you'll inadvertently kill more than two humans with your fire, and that's when the story ends.

Zombie Gunship features Game Center integration, and an update to come will bring more types of zombies, more weapons, and more locales. Limbic recently partnered with a new art studio and a new sounds team that was responsible for the Gears of War audio effects. Zombie Gunship showcases these new talents nicely. The game should be available for download within the next two weeks. Price has not been announced.

I wanted to share a related anecdote that underscores the value of WWDC to iOS and Mac OS X developers everywhere. On my first night at WWDC Arash Keshmirian, CEO of Limbic, gave me a quick demo of the game, which definitely piqued my interest. Our actual sit-down with the AC-130 crew took place late in the week, on Thursday. Between my first glimpse of the game and our scheduled meeting, the developers were able to implement code optimizations with help from Apple engineers that allowed for three times as many zombies to wander the battlefield as before. And this is just one of many such WWDC success stories I've heard from developers we're close to. A valuable week, indeed.

While we were gathered, we also spent some time with Nuts! [App Store], Limbic's new climb-and-dodge title that launched on May 23rd and jumped high in the paid rankings shortly thereafter. The game challenges you, a squirrel, to make it as high as possible up a frustratingly branchy tree in an effort to gain ranking on the leaderboards. There are several different tree environments or stats (normal, icy, ashy, etc.). It's a fun little title that kept me well entertained on the late-night flight back home.

A Nuts! update coming this month will bring additional story and characters, with more environments coming later.

  • Los Dara

    Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare campaign level + Cliche = Zombie Aerial Shooter ... where's the effin originality?

    • http://profiles.google.com/3rdxlucky Don Hues

      lol, where was the originality when it was just a COD4 campaign level? 

  • Anonymous

    "Aerial Zombie Shooter genre" If this doesn't indicate the volume and diversity of games in the AppStore, I don't know what does.

  • http://aribraginsky.com/ Ari Braginsky

    Reminds me of the stage in Fable 3 with the canon and the zombies.

  • http://sandervanrossen.blogspot.com/ Logical Error

    The limit is actually 3 human kills, not 2.

    • Crazy-186

      That is why he says after you kill more than two humans...

  • Andy Raczynski

    looks fun, sounds great.  too bad about it only having an endless mode.
    might pick it up if it supports the ipad.

    just not really into games that are designed to make you fail sooner or later, don't see the fun in that.

  • Mrsmartiepants

    Looking forward to its release.

  • http://www.nymobil.se James

    Zoombie shooter genre has so many fans. That is amazing. 😀

  • http://www.projectrich.com Rich

    I'm ready for Zombie Gunship. Where is this thing?

  • http://www.whatsoniphone.com/ Ruben

    Recently reviewed in What's On iPhone (it costs just 0.99$) and the reviewer says the game is awesome. I have not checked it... yet 😉


  • Martybeckers

    The game sucks! The game play is weak & boring. Game freezes & jams during play. Don't waste your time.

    • [Limbic] Iman

      Turn your device off and off if you're having performance issues and make sure you have the latest iOS update.  We have a lot of cool updates planned, so stay tuned!

  • Gksjw

    Remind me the fabulous night-vision trailer of S.T.A.L.K.E.R (SOC) !!

  • Crodmaster

    Downloaded this yesterday and its a lot of fun! The sounds are great, and even though you're fighting horde after horde without a true "story mode ending", its simply fun to try and beat your own score (or those of friends) for the competitive challenge. Two thumbs way up. It'd be nice to add this to Xbox Live Arcade and expand on levels.


    hmm im downloading it now. hope it's good!