File this into the fun facts part of your brain: provided that a couple of dudes have bought the game within the last 20 hours, it’s safe to say that Angry Birds [$.99 / Free / Lite / HD / HD Free] has been downloaded over 250 million times across its various platforms. That’s a lot -- like “almost the total population of the entire United States” kind of a lot.

Word of this came to Tech Crunch straight from Rovio Mobile founder Peter Vestebacka, who also mentioned to the publication that the studio is working on a game called Wine and Dine, as well as a title called Angry Birds Magic.

The latter is the more fleshed out of the two. Magic is a location-based game that unlocks levels or Angry Birds ‘experiences’ based on where you are. Plans are also in the works to have it interact with Angry Birds toys stuffed with computer chips.

Details are still really light on this project, but it does kinda sound more like a vehicle for Rovio to sell more Angry Birds stuff than a game We’ll see.

Just a little remarkable note here to close this out: just a month ago, Rovio announced that Angry Birds had hit the 200 million download mark. That means, within the last 30 or so days, the title has received 50 million downloads.

Granted, most were probably free downloads, but that's still a lot of people to reach in such a short span of time. What's the secret here?

[Via Tech Crunch]

  • Anonymous

    Interesting note: The number of Angry Birds downloads also covers free/lite versions, so apparently Tetris is still leading in terms of mobile sales with 132 million. The gap is certainly closing fast though...

  • JC

    What's Angry birds?

    Sorry, just kidding 🙂

    Isn't this number also including the updates? Meaning: counting a new download for each update. Anyway, still amazing success, but don't let you fool by PR magic tricks.


  • Puggy

    Thank you, but why is it a couple of *dudes*?? could have been a couple of *women* instead! Male-centrism is a bit annoying

    • Sigh

      Get a life. What's great about articles from TouchArcade is they're casual. If there were to be 100 politically correct that portion of the sentence could have been , 'provided that 140 human beings of varying race, gender and age have purchased any version of Angry Birds within the last 22 hours, 3 minutes and 16 seconds from the time of this writing' but where's the fun in that? You want to read politically correct text, pick up a newspaper.

      • Puggy

        Get a life yourself. All they say is "Sirs" and just 100% male pronouns. Another case of men thinking ONLY men play games and post on forums. It is so ignorant and stupid. Females DO play games and have been for decades. Whenever a guy says "Oohhhh you like games?! rare!" I roll my eyes

      • Big Dog

        You cry like a little girl.

      • Anarchy

        That made me laugh.


        IMO, "dudes" is gender nonspecific unless directed to a male.  If they'd used "females", that would have been gender specific, and therefore offensive.

        And before it's suggested, the phrase "dudes or dudettes" should never be used outside of a TNMT movie.

        You know... maybe they assumed that all of the female gamers had already bought the game, and just the males were still discovering the game.  Maybe it was a compliment.

        Seriously, though, unbunch 'em and relax.


      • Anonymous

        Agreed. In the same way that 'hero' is gender non-specific. Sure, you can say 'heroine' for a female, but hero works for both. Even 'guys' is much more technically gender specific but it's even used by girls when talking to a group of other girls.

        Take a chill pill Puggy.

      • Big Dog

        Bird is also a slang term for girl. The irony of an angry bird commenting on an Angry Bird post is priceless.

      • Sigh

        Never said females don't play games. They do - I married one. The point is male pronouns are often used to refer mixed company. They do the same thing with French: A group of guys = ils, a group of girls = elles, a mixed group of guys and girls = ils. Guys, Gals, Guys respectively in English.

  • Anonymous

    I noticed the video, and read "Details are still really light on this project", and now that I've read the post I'm massively disappointed in the lack of Tron: Angry Birds.

    I love Tron, so it was seriously going to be what might actually get me into Angry Birds.

    (The video isn't referenced at all in the article, actually?)

    • Eli Hodapp

      It's entirely unrelated, I just thought it would be more fun to include a random fan-made video than yet another Angry Birds trailer. 🙂

      • Anonymous

        Well now see what your attempts at 'more fun' have got you?


  • Anton Soccer

    im sorry but angry birds isnt tht great...

    • Michael A. Robson

      It sucks. I played it for about ten minutes and deleted it. Come on Square, give us FF Tactics!

      • Anonymous

        Hooray for minority opinions, I'm sure they're a great help to the majority...

    • shamus back.

      agreed, its quite shit really and unoriginal.

  • Anonymous

    LOL love the Tron video!

  • Anonymous

    It amazes me that this game, which is now more or less the most popular mobile game of all time, had such a slow burn at the beginning.  Most people forget that this game came out in 2009.  Originally for Nokia, and then IOS I believe in December.  The craze didn't even catch on until around April or so last year.  

    FWIW, I bought this game right away based on TA's review when it came out, and it's still the game i've sunk more hours of my life into than any other on my IOS device.

    • Anonymous

      All of the evidence I can find hints towards the iOS release coming before the Nokia release. It's always been pretty popular among the iPhone gaming crowd, but it's inevitable that a certain amount of time will pass before anything hits the public eye. It needs time to grow first, the media wouldn't have paid as much attention if it hadn't yet made any sales.

  • Anonymous

    I was a bit fan of this game early on and liked the sequel, but I got burnt out. I didn't even finish the free version of the Rio edition. I'd like to see Rovio make something completely new, because I'm sure they've got another great game in them... but from the sounds of it, that's not likely to happen any time soon. So, I guess I'm disappointed in this news.

  • booch138

    I just... I just don't see appeal. Angry Birds is such a mundane puzzler...

  • Anonymous

    Angry Birds no doubt has its charm but enough already.. Jeez, I can think of many other casual games that deserved an equal amount of attention but didn't even come close. No matter how many movie theme you dress it up with, it's still the same mechanic. 

  • Macaroon

    Good on them. Yes, the game mechanic isn`t reinventing the wheel, but the whole package is class right down to the snorting. Something has to be the flagship for the app store after all. For Nintendo it`s Mario. That said, I`m probably more into the slightly less mainstream games like Sword and Sworcery (just amaaaaazing!), but for some light relief AB still has its place on my iPT.

  • Colin

    What makes Angry Birds work? Good Sound Design.

    • Un Comentario

       All in AB is good, besides I can play it happily with out sound or just with colored balls instead of birds... but true is that all adds to the success of it. The  story is nice, the birds, the pigs, the backgrounds, the sounds... everything counts to it's success... But thinking only the sound is the "trick", is foolish...

  • Angry Birds

    The game mechanics (iteration), the fact that a 2 yearl old can play it, and the achievements to show off, make this game addictive, I wonder how long will it last

  • longlastingfluke

    Besides winning the lottery, has anyone ever done so little to earn so much?  Heck, real-estate moguls and oil tycoons have spent years, maybe even decades building their enterprises before finally getting out of debt and hitting 200 million$.  How times change.