‘Angry Birds’ Reaches 250 Million Downloads

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File this into the fun facts part of your brain: provided that a couple of dudes have bought the game within the last 20 hours, it’s safe to say that Angry Birds [$.99 / Free / Lite / HD / HD Free] has been downloaded over 250 million times across its various platforms. That’s a lot — like “almost the total population of the entire United States” kind of a lot.

Word of this came to Tech Crunch straight from Rovio Mobile founder Peter Vestebacka, who also mentioned to the publication that the studio is working on a game called Wine and Dine, as well as a title called Angry Birds Magic.

The latter is the more fleshed out of the two. Magic is a location-based game that unlocks levels or Angry Birds ‘experiences’ based on where you are. Plans are also in the works to have it interact with Angry Birds toys stuffed with computer chips.

Details are still really light on this project, but it does kinda sound more like a vehicle for Rovio to sell more Angry Birds stuff than a game We’ll see.

Just a little remarkable note here to close this out: just a month ago, Rovio announced that Angry Birds had hit the 200 million download mark. That means, within the last 30 or so days, the title has received 50 million downloads.

Granted, most were probably free downloads, but that’s still a lot of people to reach in such a short span of time. What’s the secret here?

[Via Tech Crunch]

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