The Fling joysticks for the iPad are fantastic little contraptions. Two suction cups, a conductive joystick, and a cleverly designed plastic spiral all work in perfect harmony to provide a tactile gameplay experience that is absolutely incredible in dual stick shooters. (Or, really, any other game with a virtual joystick.) Also, it seems like every time I post about this we get comment threads full of naysayers. To that I say, if you have any doubt about the Fling, you really need to give 'em a try at any Apple store.

With that out of the way, ever since we originally posted about them for the iPad, gamers with iPhones and iPod touches have been asking when there will be a smaller version for their devices. That day, apparently, is today. The Fling Mini is currently available for preorder. A pair will run you $24.95 and they should start shipping in mid to late July.

We'll have a hands-on of the Fling Mini at some point next week. With all the WWDC and E3 insanity, I'm not entirely sure when we'll have that hands-on, but it's very high on my list of things to check out.

  • Jorge

    This is hysterical, it covers most of the screen.

    • Anonymous

      I'd agree with this evaluation.
      Although I have actually ordered one of the iPad flings, but then that obscures proportionally very little of the display.

      Would it not have been better to rethink the design ie. as two parallel flexes curving _under_ the display, rather than just reusing the same spiral?
      If you want it, it could be done, and done so much better.

    • Anonymous

      success has driven them mad!!

  • Jorge

    This is hysterical, it covers most of the screen.

  • Sad

    I guess they couldn't quite make it block the entire screen... 

  • Ted

    or I could use my thumbs and actually see what i'm doing

  • Marshall Pope

    Wow i have a feeling they spent more developing the thing than they will ever make in sales...why would anyone want a pair of joysticks that blocks the view of mostly everything on the screen?  I wish apple would just stop being so damn stubborn and release a proper bluetooth api I know they want to dictate how and what you do on their devices but all it would do is help sales and all the touchy stuff that is out there now would continue to be cranked out.

    • Web

      YES!!! I totally agree with your last point. If Apple released an API for controller it could truly rule the handheld gaming market. That's all it's missing. Aaaargh!

      • Decoy Octopus

        Not a chance, its a phone not a portable game system.

      • Royce

        iPod Touch, and iPad are phones??? They are certainly not designed as dedicated gaming machines if that's what you mean, but for many, gaming is the primary function of these devices.

    • Adams Immersive

      No need for BT necessarily: Apple officially supports custom hardware, so controllers (Gamebone etc.) are possible. The sky is the limit! And those things don’t need separate charging/batteries. I can see the appeal of BT as well, but I think I’d prefer a dock-connector accessory.

      • Web

        I think the advantage of a standard API created by Apple is that it would create a standard for both hardware manufacturers and game developers to use, rather than a fragmented market where certain games work with certain controllers. 

      • Adams Immersive

        Wireless or no, we do need a standard, I agree! I’d be OK with some non-Apple companies coming together to agree on the standard; it could be Apple’s doing, but it doesn’t have to be. If such a standard emerges, I hope it supports multiple analog and digital axes.

    • Anonymous

      I'm not sure they spent much developing this version; just scaled the known-to-work iPad design, while a rethink would easily come up with a better option for the smaller displays.

  • p for potato that's too big for the screen! i can see almost nothing on the screen other than that "mini" pad!

  • Ted

    and bullshit that's a "mini" version, I bet its the same exact size as the ipad one with "mini" written on it.

    • Eli Hodapp

      Incorrect, here are two Fling controllers for the iPad-

      • Adams Immersive

        Love that pic! Too funny.

      • nomstar

        Can't really see myself using these on my touch, but they might be better for an iPad verus the original Fling.

  • YoureAMessy


  • Jim

    Is it April 1st already?

  • FAIL

    Ha...really, someone thought this was a good product..? It's got to be a joke. I hate to use these overused words....but EPIC FAIL! Even if it works good, it looks like hell and you can't see the screen.

  • Matthew Keith

    Ohhh yeah it's comming. I am so getting this enless I get an ipad first

  • robotsVswizards

    I don't think they are necessary anyways. 
    iPads or iPhones work fine with touch controls. If a game is made poorly those won't help. And sadly that's the reason so many games with touchpads don't work well.
     It's not the physicality but rather bad programming that makes games clunky. 

    That aside they are kind of neat. I can't see that that takes up much more space than my fat non-transparent thumbs  🙂

  • Anonymous

    Personally, I'm not interested in anything that makes the iPhone fatter, less pocketable, or harder to see. So cases, screen protectors, camera mounts, bluetooth thumb-boards, and this crazy thing are of no interest to me.

    At least it looks cheap enough to manufacture so there's a fat margin on the $25 asking price. I can't imagine they'll sell a lot of these. 

    • Eli Hodapp

      For what it's worth, they've sold a ridiculous amount of the iPad version and now they're even sold through Apple Stores. I know it's cool to scoff at these around here, but $25 isn't exactly out of line for iOS accessory pricing.

      • Anonymous

        Which only proves P.T. Barnum was right.

      • Kiara

        You can simply say "they pay for ad on our site, so we must support them somehow".

        I've read a bunch of negative comments for this thing.
        The only awkward defensive comments are from you and from the creator of this thing pretending to be random users.

  • Anonymous

    I don't think there's ANYTHING "cool" happening here, sorry. 🙂

    Glad they're selling through. I'll wait for something that doesn't ruin the nice lines of my precious little machine.

  • applesauce25r624

    $25 for suction cup apparatuses that look like cancerous growths coming out of the screen

  • Anonymous

    I think the Fling folks have lost some credibility with these things. Ridiculous.

  • Royce

    I might actually try this out, but I''m not preordering. I'll wait for reviews to see if they are as obstructive as they appear in the picture. Maybe they're more transparent in person than they appear to be in the photos? But yeah pretty dang big contraptions...

  • E_Domina

    Like our thumbs didn't cover enough

    • Federico Astica

      Yeah, but if I want to see whats going under my thumbs it is much more easy to take out my thumbs from the screen than these things.

  • Anonymous

    Waiting for the Nano edition.

  • Anonymous

    Waiting for the Nano edition.

  • Ron

    this is silly. Really. I think the point is, devs need to concentrate on making games which properly take advantage of the touchscreen (or motion sensing) interface rather than rely on such ludicrous hackery. Of course I recognize this contraption's "right to exist," but any developer who expects this to be used to actually derive some sort of a decent experience with their app.. well, I don't see it happening (pun most certainly intended)

  • Bikko

    I can only assume this article is some sort of practical joke. If not, then that has to be the most ridiculous iAccessory I have ever seen. The thing covers most of the screen. Seriously, I would be amazed if they sold many of these. And $25? For the privilege of having most of my screen covered? No thanks.

  • Kina


  • dream


  • Anonymous

    " seems like every time I post about this we get comment threads full of naysayers."
    Case in point.

  • Nothing

    I was actually going to order when i see the articles but when i scroll down and see the pictures that cover so much of the iphone, i give up buying it. I hope there is a better version that dont cover so much!!!

  • Ne

    Btw what is the game that has the mini controller on it? I wanna play that game!!!

    • Viktorio Šoštar

      +1 that! It looks like a game nitrome made a couple of months ago. Worm something...

  • Decoy Octopus

    What if your phone rings and you need to answer it? These things are nothing more than a nusance and a marketing gimmick. Just get a NGP and call it a day.

  • Mark

    This controller reminds me of the 'facehugger' things from the alien movies, and its just as disgusting.

  • Fokion

    LOL, this is bordering on insane. Let's face it, you can't play all genres decently on a touch screen. So where's that official Apple games controller, come on now, this has gone on long enough.

  • Drlemon

    am i the only one here who wants one???

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like a pretty good plan when you think about it. Wow.