Behold the Fling Mini, the Little Brother to the Fling for iPad

The Fling joysticks for the iPad are fantastic little contraptions. Two suction cups, a conductive joystick, and a cleverly designed plastic spiral all work in perfect harmony to provide a tactile gameplay experience that is absolutely incredible in dual stick shooters. (Or, really, any other game with a virtual joystick.) Also, it seems like every time I post about this we get comment threads full of naysayers. To that I say, if you have any doubt about the Fling, you really need to give ’em a try at any Apple store.

With that out of the way, ever since we originally posted about them for the iPad, gamers with iPhones and iPod touches have been asking when there will be a smaller version for their devices. That day, apparently, is today. The Fling Mini is currently available for preorder. A pair will run you $24.95 and they should start shipping in mid to late July.

We’ll have a hands-on of the Fling Mini at some point next week. With all the WWDC and E3 insanity, I’m not entirely sure when we’ll have that hands-on, but it’s very high on my list of things to check out.