Remember Boost 3D? It came out in late 2009, and we absolutely loved it in our review. It's a tunnel racer with a sky high framerate and an elegant simplicity to it. The game is so simple, in fact, that we really didn't mind that it didn't get updated for close to two years. Some games are great just the way they are, and this was a perfect example of that.

When I first heard of this update which was so massive that it even required a name change to the whole game, I was completely apprehensive. I thought the game was perfect the way it was, and usually "massive update" means the introduction of power-ups, levels, and all kinds of other nonsense that would get in the way of the previously mentioned elegant simplicity.

Thankfully, this update manages to completely enhance the game, all the while maintaining everything we first loved about Boost 3D. Instead of a single game mode, there are now three: Time trial, survival, and even multiplayer which works via Game Center.

I've yet to be able to get a game going (since the update just launched, I assume) but here's how it's supposed to work-- Players have 60 seconds to finish the race, at which point the player who has travelled the farthest wins. The blocks change color depending on your position in the race. Sounds awesome.

Aside from using Game Center for multiplayer, there is also total Game Center (and OpenFeint) for online leaderboards and achievements. Both the Retina Display and the iPad are now fully supported, and there are a number of other tweaks and fixes including a totally redesigned HUD.

Boost 2 is on sale for 99¢ in celebration of the relaunch. It was the best tunnel racer when it was originally released in 2009, and I'm having a hard time thinking of a better one that has been released since then-- Especially with these new enhancements.

  • backtothis

    Awesome freaking game.

  • Peter Mostoff

    Fantastic!! I really thought this had been abandoned. Really awesome news. Just downloaded and played on my iPhone. Retina goodness!! Yet to try it on my iPad but I'm sure the large screen will be awesome too.

  • OFSucks

    OpenFient sucks 

  • Jeepster2982

    When you search for it, it says its .99 but when you click to purchase it says $1.99

  • Kevin Agot

    This is a definite improvement from the previous version.  However, I still suck eggs and have a hard time linking boosts.  Overall, great stuff indeed!

  • Anonymous

    Universal, Game Center, and Retina? Other devs should take note.

    Didn't play the first one, but bought this immediately after reading the article. Really good looking game. Simple, eye-catching fun, and controls better than I might have expected.

  • Hakfilms

    Yep, thumbs up for Universal, Game Center, and Retina!, but he has broken his own game, what an i...t !
     First Boost is still one of the most f...g awesome games on iphone. Why new Boost updating old one ? i want also to play Boost 1 , default music is garbage compare to the old one, new gameplay changes like linking boosts is nonsense. Just update old one with retina, game center, ..... and bring it  back to appstore. Same shit like with Dark Nebula 1 v1.1+ updates when they introduced calibration. 

    • Nardo, from the Fifth Moon

      Although I disagree with you that the 2nd one is not as good as the first. I do agree on why take away the original to add this. 

      It should have been a separate download. I would have gladly paid another buck or two to keep both versions. Oh well, it still kicks arse!!!

  • lukwtwz

    Does anyone know whether the new obstacle type unveiled by Lanis some time ago will appear in the upcoming 'classic' mode?

  • maxboosttime 3min44

    classic ,mode is back!