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‘Fantastic Knight’ – New Video of Upcoming Action-RPG

Fans of iOS RPGs have a new one coming soon to look forward to. Developer Minoraxis, most well-known for their Fruit Juice Tycoon series, is taking a stab at the KRPG realm with their upcoming title Fantastic Knight. The game will feature two different playable characters, the young prince Wenrick and the female warrior Erien, each with their own storylines that intertwine with one another.

The battling in Fantastic Knight will be the real-time hack ’n slash variety, with a deep skill system filled with both active and passive abilities to be explored and upgraded. There will also be a large number of weapons, armors, and items to collect and upgrade. One rather interesting inclusion in Fantastic Knight is what the developer calls the Forgotten Continent. It sounds like this will be some sort of survival mode or dungeon trial mode separate from the main campaign that tasks you with completing whole dungeons that have been scaled to your own level and skill set.

Fantastic Knight is already submitted to Apple and waiting for approval, so we should hopefully see it in the next couple of weeks. It will launch at $2.99 as a universal app with Retina Display support. There’s a thread in our forums for discussion of the game, and we’ll take a look at Fantastic Knight as soon as it launches.