Here's a fact that might not be entirely too surprising: People are hungry for World of Warcraft. Seriously, I still know people who spend hours upon hours a day and have been playing with the same fervor since it was released in 2004. Also, tickets for Blizzcon, Blizzard's yearly almost entirelyWoW-centric convention, sell out within seconds of going up for sale. So, really, Gameloft couldn't have picked a better game to clone with Order & Chaos [$6.99], especially judging by the fact that the company just announced that they've managed to make $1,000,000 in the first 20 days that it was available on the App Store.

In addition, there's also an update on the way which fill add some new quests, the ability to migrate characters between servers, and separate chat channels for each language. After that, future updates are planned which will include things like new dungeons and PvP arenas. Something tells me that with the kind of cash Order & Chaos is making, Gameloft will be supporting it very well.

If this is the first you've heard of Order & Chaos, we posted both some early impressions as well as describing what it was like leveling from 1-10. The thread on our forums is massive, and worth checking out as well. If you've even vaguely dabbled in WoW, consider giving O&C a download. It's crazy just how much Gameloft has duplicated.

  • Anonymous

    Gameloft needs to focus on fixing "Gangstar: Miami Vindication" before they update this game.

    We have been waiting ever since iOS 4.3 was released for an update, but we simply just getting lied to on Gameloft's forum by Gameloft.

    Gangstar: MV is totally worthless on iOS 4.3 because it crashes as soon as it loads.

    • Modane

      That was fixed in an update released weeks ago.. I'd say redownload it. Works fine now.

      • Anonymous

        They only updated the ipad version.

        The iphone and ipod users are still waiting.

    • Thaurin

      What makes you think the same team is working on both titles?

  • Anonymous

    Now the question is how many people will be keeping their subscriptions after the initial 3 months. I am sure there will be plenty, if not only because of the low price at $0.50 per month (when paying in advance).

  • Stevenmilligan

    If the game keeps rising in popularity, I wouldn't be surprised if they upped the prices.

    • Anonymous

      That would be a good way to stop the rise in popularity, yes.

  • Anonymous

    I hope there's a sale soon, I want to play this but not enough to pay full price for it.

    • Xexist

      I hope there is never a sale.

      • Andiron

        I agree - I'm starting to mostly feel like game publishers are mostly cheapening their games when they put them on $0.99 fire sales (EA and Gameloft I'm looking at you).  EA has done it so much lately that I haven't paid full price for a game from them in months, and then pick up what I want on the inevitable sale.  Even worked for Dead Space. 🙂    Square Enix titles in comparison I'll pick up as soon as I've made up my mind to get them as I know the price won't drop anytime soon. 

        So I completely agree with this statement.

      • dib

        And I disagree.  Square's prices are ludicrous among the status quo, not because the games are high quality but because you're paying for the brand name.

        If EA didn't put games on sale, countless gamers like myself would never have given them a chance.  I bought Sims 3 and didn't like it, but it was just a dollar.  I picked up NBA Jam and Fight Night for no other reason than to check them out.  I still haven't gotten around to playing Dead Space, but it's great that I have it and I didn't have to spend more than any other comparable game.

        Meanwhile I've avoided anything produced by Square because they still have not taken the platform seriously, and expect us to pay $13 for a twenty year old RPG that has recouped its expenses plenty of times.  The original DS remake sold over one million, yet their pricetag is set several times over any other game on the app store.  So screw Square, I'd rather spend that $13 over several indie games and support all of them.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe Blizzard will take notice now and realize that they are leaving money on the table ;).

    • Robotwars

      Yeah, right. 11+ Million subs on WoW alone. They don't need to worry about diving into the iOS world anytime soon. Not to mention SC2 and D3.

  • shamus dad

    love this game, i never played wow but this is has me gripped. love it. my most played game on ipad i think. wicked game.

  • Anonymous

    I would love to play a Pokemon clone from Gameloft.

    • Vovin

      Already announced and coming! 😉