A couple of months ago, Illusion Labs revealed their new upcoming iOS title Touchgrind BMX by way of a very nice looking trailer. Touchgrind BMX is a follow-up of sorts to their  highly popular skateboarding title Touchgrind [$4.99/HD] that made waves on the App Store way back in November of 2008 for it’s fantastic graphics and excellent use of multitouch.

Touchgrind BMX is a similar title in that you’ll be using multitouch to pull off tricks in object-filled environments, though obviously using a bike rather than a skateboard. Also, the game uses a nice behind-the-bike view, rather than the strictly top-down view of Touchgrind, which is a welcome change and allows you to get a much better perspective on the action.

Another cool feature in Touchgrind BMX will be the ability to create HD replays of your runs and then export them to your computer or upload them to YouTube to share with the world. The developer has put together this little teaser video which shows an example of a replay from the game:

We have learned that Illusion Labs submitted Touchgrind BMX last week, and that the game will be available this Thursday the 26th for $4.99. It will run on all devices except the very first generation iPhone or iPod touch, but it is recommended for 3rd generation devices and up. No word yet on if an iPad version of the game is planned.

Touchgrind was one of the first iOS titles that really opened my eyes to how impressive multitouch technology is on my device, and as a huge fan of that game I’m really excited to check out Touchgrind BMX. There’s a discussion thread for the game going in our forums, and we’ll definitely be taking a look at Touchgrind BMX when it hits later this week.

  • Anonymous

    Impressive shadows and effects!

  • super6ft7

     They need to make touchgrind skateboard 2 after this, the engine and gameplay looks amazing

    • Anonymous

      Agreed, another skateboarding Touchgrind would be awesome... maybe from this camera angle?

  • Gnarkill

     That Trike just sold me!

  • the bob

    It looks impressive. But I'm wondering if they will be providing different camera options.
    A first person view looks cool, but what makes the teaser trailer so exciting is the alternate zoomed out views. Those alternate camera angles seem to provide a much more exciting view of the tricks and background. I'm not sure if a first person view will be enough, It seems limiting. Any thoughts?