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Illusion Labs Announces ‘Touchgrind BMX’

Big news broke this morning: Illusion Labs, the creators of Sway [$4.99] and Labyrinth 2 [$4.99], have announced that it’s working on a follow-up of sorts to Touchgrind [$4.99], a fascinating touch-based skate boarding title that made waves with the touch crowd. This follow-up is Touchgrind BMX, a multi-touch BMX-oriented trick game slated to hit later this spring.

Details are light at the moment, but Illusion Labs did send us over the following trailer and this little nugget: “Your skill and imagination,” Illusion Labs says, “are the only limits to unlocking bikes and locations all over the world.” Dudes are teases, right?

Judging from the trailer, it appears as though this BMX iteration of the series will feature a similar true-to-life physics engine, as well as realistic visuals. The physics are the part we’re super pumped about: Touchgrind tricks were a blast to pull off because of them. We’ll obviously keep our eyes out for this one and we recommend that you do the same, too. Come on Spring!