Earlier this year, Ten One Design released the iPad joystick accessory called the Fling. The brilliantly designed Fling is a conductive joystick nub set inside a plastic spiral, which itself is set inside an outer plastic ring. The spiral design allows the joystick to move within the outer ring which emulates the feel of an analog stick on a regular controller.

The whole device attaches to the screen of an iPad with two tiny suction cups, and allows you to replace many of the virtual analog sticks that are used in iOS games with an actual physical joystick that provides a tactile feel. If you are the type of person who has never quite gotten comfortable with virtual sticks, then the Fling is an ingenious alternative that can improve your experience with a lot of games.

In just a few short months since release, the Fling has gained a ton of popularity and has proven to be hit amongst many iPad gamers. Apparently they are a hit with the folks at Apple too, as you can now purchase the Fling Joystick at Apple Retail Stores nationwide.

This is actually a pretty big deal, as Apple usually doesn’t get behind accessories that get in between the user and the touch screen, since part of the “magic” of iOS devices is that you can do everything so well using just your fingers and thumbs. In the case of the Fling though, I think Apple realizes that some games are just better suited to physical controls and the Fling is a simple, portable, and cleverly designed product that can help with that issue.

If the Fling joysticks sound like something that interests you, then be sure to check out our extensive Fling review where we tell you how well the joysticks actually work and what types of games do and don’t work best with them.

If stumbling out of your dank apartment and into the real world to make the trip to an Apple Store doesn’t sound appealing to you, then you can still order them online from the Fling product page on the Ten One Design website. They run $19.95 for a single joystick or $29.95 for a pack of two, and come in three different colors - clear, black, and purple.

  • msy
  • http://www.tekgadg.com TEK.GADG

     Too expensive and mostly useless.

    • Anonymous

      I disagree, I have them and they work well with a lot of the games I play. 

    • Anonymous

      I disagree, I have them and they work well with a lot of the games I play. 

    • Anonymous

      I agree, they completely defy the point of the device. Why such a high price for a bit of rubber and whatever electrostatic (correct term?) material that is? If Apple wanted to get their hands on it for any reason it was probably because they're masters at making cheap crap look expensive.

      • Anonymous

        They don't defy the point of the device... They enhance the input method for controls on some games.  It's not like you have to use them for every game, or surf the net, watch youtube, play music , etc, etc etc...  That said I think they are wildly overpriced.

      • Anonymous

        The point of the device is to provide a button-less experience for games and general use. There's no point in trying to turn it into something else when there are alternatives available for that very purpose.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Andres-Velasco-Coll/1446246727 Andres Velasco Coll

        The problem is that a button-less experience for games dramatically limits the kind of games you can make. It also makes certain other games that CAN be played (in a sense) on the iPad into dreadful experiences. This solves that problem, and what the consumer wants, the consumer (usually) gets. 

      • Anonymous

        Exactly, which is why game developers have been coming up with a vast array of newly-designed games to work on the platform. If you buy a car you're limited in how much driving you can do on two wheels, so if you wanted to do so, you'd buy a bike as that's what they're designed for. I buy touchscreen devices to play touchscreen games. If I want to play games with buttons I'll buy a device created with those in mind.

      • Anonymous

        Worst analogy of all time. 

      • Anonymous

         Saying there is "no point" is purely opinion considering a lot of people have been wanting an accessory like this.  I'm confused why you seem to dislike more options for the consumer.  Don't like, don't buy, don't complain.  Simple.

      • Anonymous

         You don't really understand economics do you? Price is set based on what people will pay, not by what the product costs to produce.

      • Anonymous

        If I don't understand economics then you don't understand English. I know what pricing is about, but none of that changes the ethics Apple do business by. They're nickel and dime merchants however you look at it.

      • Anonymous

        Ten One Designs isn't Apple, and the price they set is based on demand. This isn't a conversation about Apple's business practice, its about whether this is a ripoff. Since its competitors cost similarly (the ThinkGeek joystick sticker is the only one i can think of) its based on market conditions. Plus just because the parts and labor involved in the controller are cheap doesn't mean the designers don't have to pay their mortgage.


      • Anonymous

        Aha. So Apple snapping it up and selling it through their stores wasn't because they figured they could make money out of a bit of nothing. If it genuinely takes off, we probably would end up seeing cheaper options. As you said manufacturing costs are low, so another company could quite easily take this on board and shave off all of the designer's mortgage allowances. Unless of course there's a patent preventing people from doing so, in which case the high cost would likely be because we're forced to pay it and have few other options.

      • http://jforcegames.com JForce

         You're not forced to do anything.

      • Anonymous

        When there's only one option, you're forced to pay the set price if you plan on getting it.

      • Brian

        You're forgetting that they may have spent a lot of money on the development of this. They need to make a profit somehow. 

      • Anonymous

        30 bucks for a bit of plastic? Do they give you a reach around after you pay that as well?

        I do think it is a good idea, but development costs aside, that price is utterly ridiculous.

    • http://normalkid.com Arnold Kim

       If you haven't tried them in person, I'd recommend it.  It feels a lot better than it sounds.

  • fafner

     wait.... purple?

  • izeman

    i bought one because of the good review. to be honest: i don't like it. imho it need to much pressure to be moved. playing just doesn't feel natural, and my thumb hurts after a while. just my 2c

  • DotComCTO

    Personally, I popped over to the local Apple store over lunch and bought the two pack. Call me crazy, but I really like them a lot. I just played Geometry Wars with it, and I think they do a great job; much better than the touch interface. I feel my movements in the game are much more precise. Now, I won't use them in every game because the interface for many games work just fine for me. That said, there are certainly quite a few games where I will use the Fling instead!

    Would I like it if a pair were $19.99? Sure, who wouldn't? But I'm OK with the $30.

    Also, keep in mind that when you buy them at the Apple store, you get 14 days to try it out. If it doesn't suit your needs or fit your expectation, then just return it.

  • Decoy Octopus

    This product is overpriced novelty junk. It will be selling on ebay for 99 cents before long.

    • ahhhhhhh!

      GTFO OF HERE!!!

  • http://twitter.com/hyphycus Cus

     I would wonder more about the wear on the screen.

  • Anonymous

    It's great for virtual analogue joysticks, but poor for virtual digital joysticks. Playing Capcom Arcade and Sega Genesis games is a chore.
    A digital version would rock.

  • Furtin

    If you consider yourself a gamer and especially the dualstick-shooter kind of gamer, than stop reading and spend that darn money for two of those overpriced and flimsy flings.

    You will blow every one of your previous highscores out of the water. By far. Thats all that matters. If you don't care, just do not. Simple as that.

    I love mine. No scratch detected since I bought them in late february.

  • http://www.facebook.com/dower.chin Dower Chin

     I popped into the Apple store this weekend to buy them. But when I tried them on my iPad and iPad2, they didn't work well. The issue is that I have Zagg InvisibleShields on the front of both iPads, and the surface causes the thumbpad to stick, so they don't move well at all. Sadly, I guess I'll return them, since I'm not going to discard my Zagg's for these thumbpads.

  • Glenn Blanchard

     I like all these comments people make about the Fling being a useless piece of soon to been eBay junk, etc. Clearly all made by people who have never even seen the device let alone used one. Overpriced? Maybe. There are quite a few million people who would say anyone who would spend $500+ on an iPad is an idiot, price is relative. The Fling however does work extremely well and makes movement much more responsive. Order and Chaos is actually fun to play with it. (Be advised the Fling does not work well with screen cover film.) Why not buy or borrow one if you can and try it out. I'm pretty sure you'll be pleasantly surprised.