Fling Joysticks Now Available in Apple Retail Stores Nationwide

Earlier this year, Ten One Design released the iPad joystick accessory called the Fling. The brilliantly designed Fling is a conductive joystick nub set inside a plastic spiral, which itself is set inside an outer plastic ring. The spiral design allows the joystick to move within the outer ring which emulates the feel of an analog stick on a regular controller.

The whole device attaches to the screen of an iPad with two tiny suction cups, and allows you to replace many of the virtual analog sticks that are used in iOS games with an actual physical joystick that provides a tactile feel. If you are the type of person who has never quite gotten comfortable with virtual sticks, then the Fling is an ingenious alternative that can improve your experience with a lot of games.

In just a few short months since release, the Fling has gained a ton of popularity and has proven to be hit amongst many iPad gamers. Apparently they are a hit with the folks at Apple too, as you can now purchase the Fling Joystick at Apple Retail Stores nationwide.

This is actually a pretty big deal, as Apple usually doesn’t get behind accessories that get in between the user and the touch screen, since part of the “magic” of iOS devices is that you can do everything so well using just your fingers and thumbs. In the case of the Fling though, I think Apple realizes that some games are just better suited to physical controls and the Fling is a simple, portable, and cleverly designed product that can help with that issue.

If the Fling joysticks sound like something that interests you, then be sure to check out our extensive Fling review where we tell you how well the joysticks actually work and what types of games do and don’t work best with them.

If stumbling out of your dank apartment and into the real world to make the trip to an Apple Store doesn’t sound appealing to you, then you can still order them online from the Fling product page on the Ten One Design website. They run $19.95 for a single joystick or $29.95 for a pack of two, and come in three different colors – clear, black, and purple.