I thought the original DrawRace [Free] was super cool when it was first released. It combined the familiar drawing mechanic that everyone at the time was going nuts over with a racing game. Playing the game amounted to drawing your path on the track, and the speed of your car was controlled by how fast you moved your finger on a particular segment of the racing line. It's a slick little setup, although it does seem to have a considerable learning curve since you need to draw your whole racing line at once.

Enter DrawRace 2: Racing Evolved, the sequel to DrawRace that just looks awesome. How awesome? Well, if I had to pick one thing to criticize about the original DrawRace it's that the game was a little basic. The sequel has a new career modes, leagues, leaderboards, 180 challenges, 16 cars, and 30 tracks.

For more information on DrawRace 2 check out the official site which also has tons more screenshots, or swing by the thread in our forums. I can't wait.

  • Anonymous

    Loving the graphics upgrade, and what seem to be considerably larger tracks too. The first DrawRace seemed just a bit too basic for me but this one looks like it fills in all the gaps.

    • LBG

      Yeah and 30 tracks! I suspect they're counting reverse tracks, but 15 different tracks is still impressive when you compare it to other top down racing game on iOS.

  • Anonymous

    Hmm, interesting, as I love top-down racing games. But I could never really get into the first DrawRace. "Drawing speed" just feels like a very unnatural control method to me. It's never going to be one-to-one with how fast you moved your finger (since cars obviously have their own acceleration/deceleration curves and top speeds and handling), and besides which there's no satisfyingly clear way to communicate how fast you drew something (dashed or coloured lines technically work, but I find there's a layer of interpretation that's distances you from the action, and it still doesn't really give you any indication of how it relates to the speed and capabilities of the car).

    That said, they seem to have put a lot of work into this idea, so I'll be interested to see if they've found a way to make it work. Maybe it will help that you (seemingly) don't have to draw the whole track at once, since at least in the screenshot, you can't see more than a couple turns.

  • http://twitter.com/bivisgames Bivis Games

    The graphics are really really awesome! The screenshots on the official site are amazing!
    But at this time I don't know how it will be to play... I can't imagine a draw race that isn't display the track on full screen.... Let's wait this! sounds interesting!

  • ultimo

    Its a trailer guys... a teaser?
    Remembr wht we got out of Monstr truck nitro 2?
    The teaser & the game were different

  • Jay

    Stoked. Liked the first one, for what it was, and this looks nice.

  • ted

    When you draw, the full track is in view. It only zooms in (and pans) when the race begins.
    There are a few iPad videos on youtube from E3 that show this.

    The skill of the game lies in drawing the optimum racing line, and accelerating / decelerating your finger at the perfect spots.
    Whether you have to adjust your drawing technique for the different cars and tracks remains to be seen.

    It takes quite a bit of strategy, and a steady finger, to achieve really good times on each track. The original is a great game, so I'm really excited for number 2, as the graphics look stunning.

    And there are some jumps in the new the game!

  • ted

    p.s. Apparently this will be released this month (August).