A Duo of Drawing Games: ‘Draw Race’ and ‘FlyLoop’

231609_2Drawing games are becoming more and more popular, and for good reason. Out of all the different control methods on the iPhone, few are more natural than simply drawing on the screen.

Draw Race [App Store] takes a unique approach on racing games. Employing the familiar drawing mechanic, you literally draw your racing line around the track. The speed of your finger controls how fast or slow you go and once the race starts your car tries as hard as it can to stay on the line.

If you draw too fast around a corner your car can spin out so there is a small skill curve to the game as you get a feel for how fast you need to draw compared to the handling capabilities of your car. Currently included in the game are 20 tracks, and once you complete a race in the single player mode you’ll be able to race other people online and compete in time trials.

The developer released the following trailer:

Flyloop [App Store] utilizes a similar drawing mechanic, only this time you’re drawing circles around butterflies to catch them as they fly across the screen.

What initially appears as a tranquil game of catching butterflies in a field quickly escalates in to frantically drawing circles trying to match pairs. The game has an acoustic guitar soundtrack, and global high scores if you’re in to that kind of thing.

Watch the trailer for Flyloop to see it in action:

Both of these games use screen drawing in different ways to create entirely different gameplay experiences. Draw Race and Flyloop are both worth checking out if you want a couple of simple fun games without needing to use virtual D-pads or tilt controls.

App Store Link: Draw Race, 99¢Flyloop, 99¢